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  1. Izzygirl

    Types of jobs

    Hello, Trying to get ideas on what types of jobs there might be for someone with my background. I have a Bachelors in Accounting and worked as a Financial Analyst/Accountant for about 10 years prior to changing my career to nursing. I worked in ICU for about 5 years and PACU for about 3. I’m now a Clinical Nurse Manager at a travel nurse agency corporate office. I’m about to finish my MSN in Nsg Admin but I don’t necessarily want to be a nurse mgr. I honestly wish I would have gotten a MHA degree instead but too late now. Seems all jobs like quality, healthcare analyst, and even utilization review obviously want experience that I don’t have so my question is with my masters and experience in finance what other types of jobs would I qualify for? TIA!!
  2. Izzygirl

    Travel nurse question

    I didn’t answer your questions because you are making a lot of assumptions. I make a bad recruiter because I’ll say it again....I am not a recruiter. In accusing and assuming I am a recruiter, you also assume I used this forum as my only resource. Once again, an incorrect assumption on your part. I believe when you are gathering information, you use all resources and this forum was one of many that I chose. As far as being “defensive”, you didn’t give advice. You tried to show how smart you were by saying...”not buying this”, “first ever post big clue to commercial purpose”, “not sure anyone would want to work for you if your own travelers are not willing to help”. Now you come back and say...but I was giving you suggestions. Lol!
  3. Izzygirl


    If you are agency or a traveler, how do you handle when the hospital wants you to float to a higher acuity unit? For example, you have skills in M/S but they want you to float to PCU....how do you handle and does your agency or travel company step in at that point? I know that's hard especially for nights/early mornings because no one is around at the agency.
  4. Izzygirl

    Collin County Community College

    Peacelover - which semester are you going to be in this Fall?