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  1. LPN how stressful?

    We hire LPNs in outpatient dialysis without experience. Busy job but can be rewarding, just a thought. I feel much more comfortable on the days that we have an LPN assigned rather than me and all techs.
  2. DaVita?

    It is a very stressful job
  3. Taking vitals - what to do when you can't feel radial pulse?

    I guess I got off topic a little. I'm glad you are taking your time and trying to learn the best way to get accurate vitals on patients. Just keep practicing it gets easier.
  4. Taking vitals - what to do when you can't feel radial pulse?

    Your facility is legally obligated to provide you with the equipment you need to do your job. You shouldn't have to bring in your own equipment. It actually puts you in a funny spot because the equipment you bring in is not approved by the company. I...
  5. Taking vitals - what to do when you can't feel radial pulse?

    Doesn't the BP cuff you use give a heart rate? Being a CNA you need to be pretty quick about getting vitals, espicially in a nursing home. I imagine you have a whole bunch of people to get vitals on.
  6. Taking vitals - what to do when you can't feel radial pulse?

    Sometimes it is very difficult to feel a radial pulse. You could grab a stethoscope and get an apical pulse. Or if you have an SpO2 probe that would give you a HR reading along with the oxygen saturation reading.
  7. NEW GRAD PAY???

    City: Toledo ohio Position: ProMedica nurse residency Pay: $25.50/hr with $1.00 more on night shift Benifits: Full Housing: 800-1000 for nice 2 bedroom apartment.
  8. Advise for New Grad Dialysis Nurse

    Well I'm a few weeks into training and it's going pretty well. The dialysis tech experience definitely has helped. My issue now is dealing with dialysis prescription entry errors. As part of my assessment I'm required to verify the tech entered the ...
  9. Drawing labs from CVC locked with heparin

    I feel a little nervous about instructing my techs to pull off all that blood. What about holding heparin infusion/bolus and drawing the lab 15min into treatment?
  10. Drawing labs from CVC locked with heparin

    Wow 25mls Is a lot of blood to waste. That could add up doing it a few times per week on a patient with kidney disease.
  11. Drawing labs from CVC locked with heparin

    I had this situation come up last week. We had a pt/inr drawn on one of our patients with a CVC locked with heparin 1000units/ml. I didn't observe my technician's technique when the lab was drawn but out result was around 17. On the redraw it came ba...
  12. Delay Ohio ATT

    Took me two months from when I graduated to get my ATT from the ohio board of nursing. Half of that was because my school was slow in sending in the documentation. But the ohio board is veerrryyy slow.
  13. Drawing labs from CVC locked with heparin

    I need to draw a PT/INR from a central venous catheter that is locked with heparin. Per regular lab draw policy we waste 5ml then draw our labs. I have two questions 1. Will this be enough waste to remove the heparin fully from the CVC? 2. If not, wi...
  14. Nursing liability insurance

    Thanks! I'll get it now then.
  15. Nursing liability insurance

    Quick question about nursing liability insurance. I started precepting as a new grad RN in a dialysis clinic yesterday. I will be precepting for 3 months. Should I apply for insurance now or after I'm done with my training. Thanks