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  1. Expectations vs Reality

    I made myself a really good brain sheet that has helped tremendously. I just want to be able to put it all together. You are all wonderful! I also commute over an hour and that makes it hard to want to walk out the door. My husband and I worked t...
  2. Expectations vs Reality

    Hired in late October with limited patient care experience until early December. Yes, that's exactly it; I think, OMG, I know nothing every day! lol
  3. Expectations vs Reality

    I work on a surgical stepdown unit that focuses on Gastric surgeries, but we get some Oncology patients with very specific protocols and a WIDE variety of other things. We also do bariatrics. We are considered a critical care unit which is overwhel...
  4. Expectations vs Reality

    I worry about being able to recognize symptoms of patients who deteriorate, I worry about connecting the dots between lab results and conditions, and don't feel like I know enough about the disease processes. I never got a chance to draw blood in nu...
  5. Expectations vs Reality

    I have waited over 20 years to become a nurse but once I got my first job I was stunned that there have been many days that I just HATE going to work. I think it is because I feel so unprepared to do my job and I am just scared all the time of my lac...
  6. I have a friend who is a Cardiac Cath tech and has worked for about 5 years in this capacity. He wants to pursue his BSN now (already holds a college degree) but due to work and being on call, he can not find a program that fits. He was wondering i...
  7. Infectious disease question

    A friend called me to tell me her daughter needed a PPD before cosmetology school. She tested positive for exposure and had a chest x-ray which was negative. They called the family dr. who referred them to the health department for treatment. They...
  8. Is LOA the right answer?I

    Employee assistance seems like the best way to go but I wouldn't take a leave of absence because all you will have time to do is dwell on what's going on. Too much self focus doesn't solve your problems in my opinion...it only sinks you further into...
  9. OK, here we go... No one, and I mean no one limits you except for you. You didn't get that scholarship or get into that top school because you were a dummy. Yes, you could have done better, but you didn't. No need to look back...it's counterproduc...
  10. MRSA transmission

    If you have been around several MRSA patients, you are probably already colonized to it. Systemic MRSA is different than community acquired MRSA and most people in the healthcare industry would probably test positive if they had a nose swab. It's a...
  11. Nervous interview tom for L & D

    I'm not a nurse yet, but I am 51 years old and I've been to a fair amount of interviews. Treat this one as such rather than thinking you are giving away your dream job. Be yourself, make good eye contact, listen intently and don't be afraid to be a...
  12. Official nursing student fall 2011 stand up!!!

    I start at Thomas Nelson CC Aug 22nd. My GPA is 3.7 and I scored an 81 on the TEAS. I really only studied the math and science portions though. I wish I had studied the reading section a little because some of the things they asked about, I didn't...
  13. Starting in August - scared and nervous!!

    Maybe the best of both worlds is to be a school nurse. I don't know what the pay is like, but the schedule would be great for you and it would give you a break from teaching too. The bonus would be you could substitute teach too!