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  1. staffing

    Continual turbulent times! Budget vs. good nursing care with safe outcomes! Is there anyone out there who has gone back to the old "Team Nursing" with a 'Team Leader', a 'med nurse', etc. If so, can you tell me how you are doing it and if it is succe...
  2. In today's nursing world, heavily measured by outcomes, I still wonder what larger ratios, whether assisted with care techs or not, does to satisfaction scores. I understand that there are some places out there that have low hours of care but high pa...
  3. nurse-patient ratio

    I have read with great interest the varied ratios on med-surg units. Being the manager of a 50 bed ortho-neuro unit, and continually working with budgetary constraints vs. heavy, heavy patients (accuity, equipment, plus weight!), I am feeling caught ...