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  1. Any programs near Asheville, NC

    I just graduated from South College Asheville in March. Our class had a 100% first time NCLEX pass rate and 100% job placement. The next ADN program starts in January, BSN is set to begin soon too I believe. When I was researching schools, everywhere...
  2. Delivery Pitocin

    We use 20units in 1l, bolused immediately following birth and then set to 125ml/hr x 1 additional bag.
  3. Postpartum Report Sheets

    This is great, thank you for sharing!
  4. Brand New Nurse - need advice

    Yay, make sure to come back on and tell us how it went
  5. Where can CNM's attend homebirths without OB?

    That's how I feel, we have one of the few states that seems to be stuck in the dark about homebirth. It's not illegal to have a homebirth, it is illegal to have anyone other than a doctor or a CNM (with a collaborating physician and affiliation wi...
  6. C-section vs. letting Mom go naturally

    Exactly, it's as normal as sneezing... we've been doing that since the beginning of time too and very rarely have trouble doing so. So why are 1/3 of babies born surgically? Unfortunately, in today's society care providers are sued far too often for...
  7. Where can CNM's attend homebirths without OB?

    To my knowledge we only had 5 homebirth CNM's (APN's) here in NC, I've been out of the homebirth loop since going back to school and this may have changed. We do have several CPM's and LM's active in our state but they unfortunately have to be very c...
  8. Questions About Lactation Consultant

    I believe the working as a professional aspect of it includes things like being a WIC Peer Counselor, this explains it better: http://www.americas.iblce.org/faqs-about-becoming-an-ibclc#Pathway%201%20Clinical%20Experience
  9. C-section vs. letting Mom go naturally

    Locally we are seeing this, it's my understanding that the increase is driven by lawsuits. As one care provider here explained, 'you can't sue for doing a cesarean but you can sue for not doing one'. I don't agree with that, but that's the mentality ...
  10. Where can CNM's attend homebirths without OB?

    Wow, really? I thought all CNM's had to have a collaborating physician. That's awesome!
  11. New OB Nurse

    I don't have any advice just wanted to add to the support that you're definitely not alone :) Also being new I can imagine the anxiety that comes with it but I suppose we also need to give ourselves credit realizing we are learning and one of the man...
  12. Brand New Nurse - need advice

    I'm in the same boat, new grad and hired into L&D. I sought out this position though. I have several years experience working with families as a doula/educator, but none, other than clinical rotation, as a nurse. I'm going to be working with a pr...
  13. North Carolina Roll Call

    Hi all, I'm LeAnne a recent ADN grad and BSN student in WNC. I sat for and passed boards in May and begin working *gulp* as an RN in Labor and Delivery next month!
  14. Should new grads only apply for new grad jobs?

    This was an area I didn't feel well prepared for in school. We heard about nursing shortages... cover letters, resumes, interviewing... all of that was covered in our professional issues course. What was glossed over was how difficult it is to get an...