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  1. Mr Jingles

    i have been for my intrview at uni

    Hi there Kim, I'd just like to say a big congrats on the interview & wish you the very best with your training well done. Phil.
  2. Mr Jingles

    Welcome to the Male Nursing Forum

    I have a daughter 12 & a son 8, I'm also waiting for my third child to arrive which will be very soon indeed lol, & if that isn't enough at the end of Summer I plan to start my long journey of becoming a qualified Nurse..........yes it's going to be a busy year lol. Phil.
  3. Mr Jingles

    which program do i take degree/diploma

    You've got no choice in Wales a Degree is the only option lol.
  4. Mr Jingles

    Are there any hca out there

    Hi Becks & Sofaraway, my tittle is Health & Social care Worker & I work in the community nursing people who have a terminal illness such as Huntingtons & MS. I'm not officially an HCA but I do look at myself as an extension of the HCA. I will be leaving in September to do my Access Course & then hopefully on to do my training............God I can't wait lol. Anyway sorry to babble on hope to catch you soon. Phil.
  5. Mr Jingles

    Where do you nurse?

    hi there :) i work as an health & social care worker in the community & live in wales uk. i care for the terminally ill & my tasks range from the clinical giving medication ect to household duties like washing & cleaning. phil
  6. Mr Jingles

    I just finished my last lot of essays

    Congrats whiper good going & good luck for your first job hope you have a great future. Best wishes PHIL