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  1. cathyn85

    NVCC Class of 2013 Meet and Greet + Q&A

    just another student - if you go to heart.org you should be able to search for any cpr courses close to your location. Just make sure you pick the right course
  2. cathyn85

    NVCC Class of 2013 Meet and Greet + Q&A

    nat2 : amazon doesn't have it as a bundle but they have the organizer on the site too. I am debating on the stethoscope because the one i previously had ( my house was robbed and they stole my stethoscope too, odd thing to steal) was good but now i can't decide if i should get the same one. But if you price it out its about the same the only difference is that if you're a prime member for amazon there's no shipping fee so that's the only thing you're saving on.
  3. cathyn85

    NVCC Class of 2013 Meet and Greet + Q&A

    Name: Cathy Years at NVCC: 1 Joined the FBook Group: Yes Track: Traditional Career Goal: RN and work my way up to NP Planning to Transfer: Yes. where? Not sure because it all depends where the military transfer my husband. Classes Completed: SDV 101, NAS 161, 162, CSC 110, HLT 141, PSY 202, ENG 111, soon to be HLT 250, CST 229, and PHI 227. Transfer credit of chem, microbiology and calculus About me: I'm 26, a mom of three boys (twins two year old and a one year old). I'm a military wife that just moved here from Las Vegas about a 1.5 years ago. I'm a certified medical assistant but have not worked since I moved to Virginia and is currently a SAHM and student. I love working in the medical field and do miss it but love being at home with the kids and watching them grow. Questions: - Is anyone else dreading buying the NUR 111 book? Boy was I surprise about the price of the book. I am hoping it can be used again and not have to purchase another book package next semester. - Does anyone living near campus need a roommate/also looking to move closer to Springfield for the year? I live in Manassas at the moment and is moving next month to Bolling AFB to be closer to the school and because daycare is half the price of civilian daycare. - Do we need to buy our own scrubs? Any limitations on colors/prints/style? What color do our shoes have to be? From the last email Ms. Vito stated, it looks like we need to buy the scrubs from the bookstores. What a bummer cause I really like the cherokee brand, it fits so well and is so comfortable.

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