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    Looking for Excelsior nursing grads!!!!

    Excelsior college is a great opportunity for people like me. I have worked all over the world as a paramedic and physician sub. I have not had the time to commit to going to a traditional program and Excelsior college has afforded me the opportunity to complete my nursing degree. I have not been a nursing school drop out or "hopper" as one person commented. Excelsior has standards for admission which require you to have clinical experience. I would highly reccommend Excelsior College for anyone currently working in healthcare looking to obtain their RN. Excelsior College is a school of excellence from the NLN and if you look at a lot of nursing schools out there many are not NLN accredited. i wish anyone that wants to complete an Excelsior College degree good luck and a bit of advise. use the online nursing conferences provided by excelsior, they are on the money for the exams. Also if you can try to do your prereqs at a local community college so if you want to transfer to a bsn program you can count on them being acccepted (General education credits only) due to the fact most schools require you to have a lab for science courses to be transfered.