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  1. Too ugly to be a nurse..?!?

    When a person is in need of care, the care we provide and the way we treat them FAR outweighs our appearance. People would rather receive good care from an "ugly" person than bad care from Ms America
  2. What's utilization management like?

    So it sounds like there is a lot to learn and probably a lot of stress while at work, but there is possibility of work life balance? Right now I never know when I will have to go into work. I went three weeks without a day off. If people don't show u...
  3. What's utilization management like?

    Thanks for your response. It's for a payer. I'm wondering how the stress level would compare to my LTC DON position. The same corporation has a utilization review nurse position open and, although it would pay significantly less, I'm willing to ta...
  4. I'm currently DON in a LTC and can't take the stress and long hours any more. Don't get me wrong, I'm doing a great job. Just passed survey with flying colors. But in the past 3 weeks I've had 1 day off and my bosses feel that's just how it's supp...
  5. Should I go to HR?

    If you ever find a nursing job where you don't have to deal with ******, snarky, petty, ridiculous bosses and coworkers, too much work, and abuse.....send me the address and I'll move there! I've been an RN for 18 years and only recently come to the...
  6. HELP!!!! Resume NEW GRAD

    The applicant I would be most likely to hire would say something like "I have a car that works and a backup plan if it has trouble. I either don't have kids or if I do have kids I have a babysitter and a backup babysitter and a plan for if the schoo...
  7. You seem to be having anxiety over the requirements of nursing school. Are you over the age of 18, or are you a minor? Is somebody forcing you to go to nursing school? Are you sure you want to make the commitment to becoming a nurse, driving to wor...
  8. What are co-working spots? That sounds promising!
  9. Housekeeping vs Nursing and poop Oh My

    And it's not as if there's a nationwide shortage of housekeepers! They keep driving off my staff. So then the CNAs will be working short because we're fresh out of CNAs, and the housekeepers, medical records person, dietary aides etc. just continue...
  10. Hmmm I wonder what I would have to pay for an office space
  11. Hi I'm considering getting out of being a LTC DON and working from home. My cousin works in an at-home QI position for Humana now and she loves it. Unfortunately, I live in a rather rural area and we don't have cable internet or DSL. I can get 4G ...
  12. Housekeeping vs Nursing and poop Oh My

    Yes - I would think people would act like we're all on the same team, and work together to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Instead, it's a constant war between departments. I guess I won this battle. The corporate DON 100% backed me on...
  13. When I imagined all of the hardships that would be associated with DON, I thought they'd be over more important things than poop and "who's better, nursing or housekeeping." Good Lord. I've got bigger things to worry about but it appears the head of...
  14. being fired by patient's family member

    I've been "fired" by patients and family members a few times in my 18 years of nursing. I'm working LTC now (after ER, ICU, then home health). The most recent time I got "fired" was when I was working the floor covering a sick call where I'm DON. ...
  15. Is this what we've come to?

    Oh I'm sure it came to that a long time ago in LTC. Maybe it's that way in all nursing management. So, what did you say to the offer?