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  1. SashaD

    Support group for CRNE June 2011

    wow I don't envy any of you. I'm planning on writing mine in October, and assume I will be in the same waiting game you guys are in then. I hope you guys all pass. Good luck, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. SashaD

    CRNE Prep Group in Toronto or Ottawa - October 2011

    I wouldn;t take anything at the Toronto School of Health, I've heard a lot of bad things about them. Apparently they got charged for operating as an illegal school. Check out the link. http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/pepg/audiences/pcc/letters/Toronto%20School%20of%20Health%20Inc%20_Restraining%20Order_January%2028%202009.pdf Scary...we should start a forum about these guys! I hate people who try and take of advantage of students. Apparently the ministry of training, colleges and universities charged them for operating as an illegal private college. http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/pepg/audiences/pcc/letters/Toronto%20School%20of%20Health%20Inc%20%20-%20Particulars%20of%20Notice%20of%20Contravention%20and%20Review%20Decision.pdf Hey check out this link. It details how they were posting fake ads and pretending to offer a psw program, which turned out to be fake because they are an illegal school. Their website is also listed on the document www.torontoschoolofhealth.com. They were apparently posting these ads on craigslist and kijiji offerning this fake program and were charged by the ministry. I called them and the same lady ***** answered the phone, that is listed in the government warning. Scary!!!!!!I wouldn't take anything with them IMO. Ha! I just read more of the document on the first link. The ministry even took a picture of their illegal program webpage and added it to the link, and there is even reference to the CRNE on it. I don't have time to read it all, but at least I found this. ARen't you glad OctoberCRNE that I found this :-) Hey guys check out this site I found. They have NCLEX questions, but the content I think is pretty good for studying for the CRNE on top of our study manuals. The first link is a set of questions here http://www.studyguidezone.com/nclexrn_practice2.htm Look at the bottom of the practice test page. You can choose from about 5 other practice tests. Pretty cool :-))))))))))))))))))) http://www.unc.edu/~bangel/quiz/quiz5.htm Check out this website, I think its a pretty cool learning tool, that we can use to test ourselves. It has quizzes for metric conversions, tablet dosage calculations, fluid dosage, and IV Flow rate calculations. I'm gonna try it tomorrow, so if anyone does it let me know what you think about it. http://www.davesems.com/files/Drug_Dose_Calculations.pdf Another useful dosage calculation file I found online. Pretty cool, although once again I haven't done it myself, so I can't tell you if its good or not. I'll do all the links on the weekend, and I'll let you know what I think
  3. SashaD

    New Grad - HELP!

    I totally think you should accept the job, as there is a nursing hiring freeze in most hospitals. Lots of hospitals have also chosen the route to lay off nurses or give senior nurses packages to retire. There have also been instances where the standard of care is changing, and RN jobs are being converted to RPN jobs. Take the job. You will also have the advantage of applying to internally posted positions. Hope it works out
  4. SashaD

    Nervous about going to my new floor

    I think anxiety is something everyone feels and its completely natural. Although you're not a new grad, you are essentially leaving your comfort zone and entering into a new experience. New job, new people, new institutional regulations. Will you be liked? Will you like the job? Was it worth the change? Will it work out? These questions and more, are things that we unconsciously process in our minds 24/7. Once you get the job and you work there for about a months of so, only then will your anxiety subside. Till then, take your B100 vitamin, go for a run, hang out with friends, and prepare as much as possible for your interview and you will make it!
  5. SashaD

    CRNE Prep Group in Toronto or Ottawa - October 2011

    okay that sounds good r.u.serious. I will be going up to the cottage for the next three weeks though (unexpected !), so perhaps we can arrange the group when I come back. I will have the internet though, so maybe we should start posting questions on here, and we could discuss it. Hard questions only I think, because posting miscellaneous questions would be too time consuming. That way we would have our own little CRNE exam prep forum. Just out of curiousity, have you started studying yet. What kind of prep manuals are you planning on using??? I haven't started studying yet, but its something I want to jump into, so any suggestions would be very helpful. Talk to you later BTW, I contacted the CRNE prep school toronto school of nursing that joan suggested and they said they would give us a group discount if we had enough people, although spaces are apparently limited. A bunch of my friends took the course with them, and they said it was really good because it tied in the 4 years of nursing together, and gave them a mock exam. I'm not sure if I'm going to do it yet though, because its a bit of an investment, although they are cheaper than the other places I called. If you are interested you can email them at info@torontoschoolofnursing.com So about the questions, maybe if we talk about acid base imbalance for example and post these kind of questions, it will help us with our studying. We can concentrate on difficult areas, and doing it will also motivate us to study. Plus explaining it to someone else in lamens terms always helps reinforce studied material. Just an idea. Talk to you later Hey R.U.Serous I'm thinking about getting the CNA book. What are your thoughts on it, do you have it yet? http://www.cna-nurses.ca/CNA/nursing/rnexam/preptools/default_e.aspx
  6. I would just take a refresher course and study study study for the NCLEX program. Save the money your going to spend on the LPN program and buy yourself a jacuzzi or something and put the rest away for your 4 year old daughter. Hire a tutor and put in the effort. Thats my opinion, you obviously have the intellectual ability to pass, you did achieve the requirements of a degree afterall. Take a chance, you don't really have anything to lose. You can always do the LPN if all else fails.
  7. SashaD

    Masters degrees

    This is an old forum, but I'm hoping that my new post will bring this topic back to the top of the line, so there can be further discussion. My question really pertains to the masters of nursing offered at memorial university in newfoundland online. I was wondering if there is anyone who is taking, what their thoughts were with respects to the program, and if there were any people who have finished the program. Also, are there any other masters in nursing programs offered online in Canada other than Athabasca. What about an online MBA. Hopefully someone replies!!!!!!
  8. SashaD

    CRNE Prep Group in Toronto or Ottawa - October 2011

    sounds good to me. I'm able to actually meet anywhere in Toronto as long as its near the subway. I've actually heard of them, they did a presentation through my student association last year about preparing for the CRNE for the graduating class and a bunch of my classmates signed up. I'll contact them tomorrow and see if we can get a group discount if we get a couple more people. In the meantime, we should start formulating some CRNE exam questions of our own, and post them in this forum. Hopefully others will join in and begin posting questions here, so that we can create our own CRNEprep forum for our October 2011 exam!!!! Sasha
  9. Hey everyone, I was wondering if there are any people who want to start a CRNE (Canadian Registered Nurses Exam) Prep group or study group, whatever you may call it. I just graduated and am scheduled to write in October. The reason why I wrote Toronto or Ottawa, is that I presently work and live in Toronto, having just graduated from Ryerson. I make it back home to Ottawa on the weekends, so am planning on hardcore studying in both cities!!!!!! If we make a group, we can compile CRNE questions and go over material together. Any ideas would be very helpful. I heard the test is really hard now, and I personally know some people who have failed. Let me know, we can start as soon as July! Sasha