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  1. I was wondering if anyone had any input on either of these schools! I was accepted into both and need to make a decision! I was leaning more towards MGH but am not 100% positive! HELP!!
  2. MCPHS worcester vs. MGH-IHP ABSN

    I have been accepted into both programs and was wondering if anyone had any input to help my decision! I have heard great things about both!
  3. MGH BSN 2012

    woo accepted! congrats everyone :) anyone know the exact price of the program? i have heard different numbers and am not sure!
  4. MGH BSN 2012

    Heres what i got today via email...... We estimate that the 8-10 time frame will still be met, meaning decisions hopefully will be ready in the middle of July. Brett DiMarzo Manager of Graduate Admissions MGH Institute of Health Professions
  5. MGH BSN 2012

    this would be the 8th week right?!?? hoping we will find out soon!! ive already put a deposit down at another school and might have to make a big decision if i get accepted!