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  1. Misslady_Q

    Montgomery College, Fall 2011, 1st semester students

    Hello ladies! I am starting nursing school this Spring...in a week basically! Thank you so much for your threads! If you any of you can give me any tips or advice about anything so I can be well equipped I would really appreciate that! My email is wendyq08@yahoo.com. P.S is the medication dosing test hard?
  2. Misslady_Q

    Montgomery College Nursing Spring 2012

    What book do you think would be helpful in preparing you for this program?
  3. Misslady_Q

    Montgomery College Nursing Spring 2012

    We should all help each other succeed in every way possible! My email is wendyq08@yahoo.com, you guys are more than welcome to email me. Any tips or suggestions will be great!
  4. Misslady_Q

    Montgomery College Nursing Spring 2012

    Omg, you guys are scaring me!! I hope I can do it!! I want it soo bad!! I got my letter as well :)
  5. Misslady_Q

    Studying for the TEAS V exam

    Buy the practice exam A or B from the ATI website, form B is better. I thought the practice exam was harder than the actual TEAS test. But just study study study. And read everything in that TEAS book and memorize it..and you should be good. Goodluck I'm retaking mine in about a week..