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NIGHTINGALE-RN has 3 years experience and specializes in MEDSURG/TELE/ORTHO.

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    Anybody working in seton medical, bay area

    Are there any members here working for seton medical in bay area, any input is greatly appreciated !!!11

    Do you shower right after your shift?

    With so much MRSA, C-Diff,around me , and having kids around, I go straight to shower asap. I will not sit with my scrubs on my couch even. SARS was spread from hospital nurses to outside world as far as I know.

    Nervous about going to my new floor

    thank you so much, i will remember this all my life personally or professionally

    Nervous about going to my new floor

    thanks guys for wonderful words of wisdom :)

    Nervous about going to my new floor

    I waited for this job interview call, it happened and after phone interview I am going for face to face. I have to check the floor, my unit etc. I did good in phone but i don't know why I feel nervous. I think its just the new environment fear. What one should do to stay calm !!!! I am not a new grad but still this anxiety :)

    only a few months to decide...

    I agree with RKpianoman, I had friends who did ADN instead of BSN and kept on saying it does not matter whether you are BSN or ADN but we had a nurse educator/ NP in our nurse residency program and she said that hospitals are hiring more BSN'S than ADN's. The whole hospitals's policies and practices are based on evidence based nursing and research which is taught more in BSN. Offcourse in BSN generally you get treated like adult by your instructors instead of nagging you for stupid stuff. May be after doing BSN, you can go ahead and do Masters instead of dragging your schooling for BSN. Go to nurse hiring websites and most jobs prefer BSN's. In this market where every summer, loads of nursing schools are pouring nursing graduates in market, you always want to have an upper edge. Hope this helps you. With such good GPA, you'll shine as BSN graduate

    I Feel Like The Most Incompetent Nurse Ever!

    I work on such floor where discharges and admission keeps coming in. Once I had 2 discharges, 3 admission but untill i got rid of all my discharge papers, I did not take report for admit. Admit can wait for an hour in ER or other floor but if i start getting behind on stuff, its human nature to panic and panic can make us do mistakes. Unless its immediately necessary to administer pain med or abx when patient arrives , i try to do everything one after the other. Anyhow, there are always charge nurses and other nurses to help. My motto has been that due to some reasons meds can be delayed but its better to be safe than being sorry. I completely understand how you are feeling. Your hospital should have more strategies to prevent med-errors. you are good nurse as you are feeling bad about the whole episode and has passion for your patients.
  8. how is it to work at seton medical in daly city or sutter health. How does 8 hr shifts work in these hospitals.

    New here! in dilemma, need advice

    I got it zbb13 :))

    New here! in dilemma, need advice

    How about I say, getting a house will not be a problem. This is not myself living in big city area for 1st time. I have lived in NY for 5 yrs and I understand the subway and bart ride. its just that central valley is not much of happening place reg jobs, weather or vacation places. it feels like central valley is cheap in housing but here also a decent house in good neighborhood in clovis or north fresno is around 250,000 or above because as Fresno and bakersfield are gang areas, professsionals always want to live in safe areas. If I buy 30-40 yrs old house in bay area at or around 300,000, in Hercules, Pinole, Fremont or union city, rentwise it would have more return in future. If I buy house at 250,000 in Clovis or Fresno then it would not rent out at money to even out my mortgage. Why anybody would rent out my house at $2000 when they can get two blocks down house at $1500. In east bay area, the rent for houses starts over $2000. If I stay at my present job and if they lay-me-off next year then it would be so hard to find another decent paying job soon. LTC has never been my cup of tea. If I go to bay area, even if I loose my job, I would still have option of applying to 10-20 hospitals in the area. BTW, I am finishing my MSN this year. I am trying to open up so I can get more feedback.

    New here! in dilemma, need advice

    thanks blackjade, yes the only pro at my present job is my friends. I am only 2 yrs old employee at my job. the work is more now as they cut on CNA''s. mgmt rules here and nurses with 15 yrs exp don't want to open their mouth and they teach same to new ones. its scary sometimes, i believe atleast in union hospital, i will have somebody watching over.

    New here! in dilemma, need advice

    I have two income family where my husband earns decent pay. there is no seniority ladder anywhere easy in my job, they are cutting on staff and nobody will get any growth for some time. 3 managers have changed since last 5 yrs. Bigger area always have more jobs than smaller area, just thinking !!! if i buy house in central valley and rent it then there is lot of competetion there because of so much inventory but if i buy house in bay area then renting it out would be so easy if I had to get out due to any problem. just thinking !

    New here! in dilemma, need advice

    HI friends, I have a friend who is a big fan of this forum and she suggested me to post here. I know economy is bad and its difficult to find job these days but I have a job and just got offer for another job for which I applied month back. I enjoy company of my co-RN's at my present job which is a non-union hospital. floor is always understaffed and all overflow comes to our floor, the hospital also has laid off some employees this yr. Frustrated with all this, I applied for job a month before from where I have offer now. its more pay but in big metro area and will have to downsize on my house. This hospital has union and have only 8 hr shifts. I am in central valley california and my new job would be in San Francisco east bay area. What wouid you do if you were me. Any input is appreciated :)