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  1. Talino

    sent you a message
  2. Question/Opinion on MC certifications

    Hi, have another ? for you. Residents 90 day is the 23rd but 7 day look back is the 26th. RUG won't change, so can I put her 90 day in on the 23rd and move look back to the 30th? Thanks for your help. Sheryl
  3. Question, help please!!

    This has been answered for me. Thank-you!
  4. Question, help please!!

    Hi, I have a question for you, lol. Resident didn't have therapy on Sat,. Sun., Mon. Resumed on Tuesday the 30th. ARD would need to be the 29th. We are on Point Click Care and there is no button for EOT-R. Do I have to do both a PPS EOT and SOT? I ha...
  5. Thinking about MDS - advice?

    Please send it to me as well, thank-you!
  6. SOT

  7. SOT

    Hi, I have a resident that had therapy dc'd until stronger. We picked her up again and I entered her as a SOT. If I understand the manual correctly a 5 day doesn't have to be combined. Is this correct? Thanks, sa[TABLE=width: 100%] [TR=bgcolor: #EFEF...
  8. SC

    Remembered my password, lol. The ARD was set for the 14th, therefore we just don't do the SC? I don't have my book at home, so thank-you for the answers. Sheryl
  9. What date do I use?

    That would be the 10th then. That's what I thought, but just wasn't sure. Thanks
  10. What date do I use?

    Denial letter given Thurs, on skilled Fri.- Sat. off Sun. When doing the MDS would I use Sat. the 10th as last day of skilled or Sun. the 11th? (no therapy) Thanks
  11. Medicare stay question

    Thanks, and yes it helps. That is the way I completed them, but as I sit at home I 2nd guess it. The stay is not a short stay.
  12. cheat sheets for ICD0 coding

  13. Medicare stay question

    Resident returns from the hospital with orders for therapy. Medicare stay would start that day, a couple days later resident is readmitted to the hospital. When you do the discharge the start of medicare stay would be reentry date, do you put date of...
  14. cheat sheets for ICD0 coding

    Would you mind sending it to me as well?
  15. ? regarding SC

    Thank-you for your answers. That is what I thought but was being told differently.