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  1. statistics show that lateral violence in nursing causes most new grads to quit their 1st nursing posi...
  2. Sad cases

    Ashley, I'm going to assume from your profile that you are very new to the nursing profession. Someday you will see what people put their "loved ones" through just to gain financially. Trust me, someday your naivety will be replaced. As a nurse, w...
  3. Sad cases

    I am not making assumptions - This has already been proven.
  4. right, I've seen so MUCH lateral violence in the workplace during my clinical rotations (NOT where I currently work), that new grads actually RUN away from the job. And they WERE great nurses with a solid foundation upon which to be built a really a...
  5. Sad cases

    I currently work in a LTACH. One side of my floor has an average of 18 patients at any given time - 17 of whom have tracheostomies and 100% of the trached patients are on ventilators for at least part of the day (usually nighttime, roughly 75% of th...
  6. Associates vs Bachelors Degree

    Well - this quote absolutely depends on where you live! Acute hospitals here in Massachusetts are phasing out hiring of LPN's AND ADN's. They allow current LPN's or ADN's to stay but are pushing them to also try and get a BSN in the future. I act...
  7. New Grad First Job Question

    Take ANY job you can get. If you become licensed after graduation and then don't get a job for a year because you're waiting for the "right" opportunity, then you'll be overlooked and perpetuate your joblessness. Alissa
  8. New dx of "possible MS"

    Jules is right. MS is unpredictable. It's also a subject that is close to my heart - my only sister has it. She was diagnosed almost 15 years ago and still works 30 hours/week as a veterinary technician - pretty much a nurse for animals. Get a g...
  9. Night shift time management - new RN

    I work night shift as well - but our nurse to patient ratio is 4:1. On one side of the floor it is usually 3:1 and the other side is usually 5:1 but that side also has 2-3 CNA's. I keep a piece of paper sectioned off with 1 section for each pt &am...
  10. Questions from a recent grad

    when renewing for your CPR, go for the ACLS instead of BLS. And I'm also in MA - so try here...
  11. If it's not something you wish to pursue, and it sounds like you're not confident in your abilities to do the job - then you should tell them that's not the line of work you had hoped in which to specialize. But, the more specialized training you get...
  12. Funny things patients say !

    Actually, if you drink Visine, it will give you diarrhea (as seen in the movie, The Wedding Crashers lol) Alissa, RN LOL
  13. I have 22K in student loans from my RN schooling - it's about $220/month. I have another 8K from a previous bachelor's degree left, cost is about $62/month, so just under $300/month for 30K in student loans. Alissa
  14. So, NicuGal, were you never a new graduate nurse? lol I believe, in the long run, if a new graduate is trained and is treated like a NURSE by the other nurses and not like a lower life form on the floor, that nurse would be more inclined to feel in...
  15. ADN vs. BSN

    there's no PAY difference, no. But it's a LOT more difficult to FIND a job with an ADN than a BSN.