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  1. Waitlisted Hello all, I got waitlisted to this school and really wanted to go there for family reasons. If anyone got accepted and is planning on going to another institution would you kindly let the school know, just to see if they can open up some slots on the waitlist?
  2. LCS84

    Marymount for ASBN - Fall 2012?

    FINANCING THE ABSN AT MARYMOUNT Congratulations to all who got in! I also got accepted and will consider going to marymount this fall for the ABSN program I contacted the Financial aid office of marymount today and they said that there are only loan options for the accelerated BSN (no grants). Also there are no stafford loans available for second degree students. For anyone who has completed or is going through the ABSN program now at Marymount, how did you finance the education? What interest rate were you able to get on student loans? What is the total cost of education for 16 months? I calculated around $60,000 including living costs. Thanks!
  3. Wondering if anyone has heard back from JCHS for admissions into fall 2012?