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  1. Pt trying to pocket pain meds

    I did ask her why and she said she was tired of throwing up but she hadn't thrown up in weeks. I found out later that a couple mos ago she'd cheeked them,then tried to spit them into her PICC which then became infected. Addiction is evil. :-(
  2. Pt trying to pocket pain meds

    Dilaudid q3 (for this lady it was just short of on-demand). Just had a slightly creepy feeling whenever I administered the med. Then on the 3rd day of care I looked away for literally half a second and knew she had hidden the pills. I walked to the s...
  3. Made a Med Error in Clinical.. :(

    Failing clinical isn't the worst thing in the world, especially if you need more practice. I think I would've not been so nervous and scared had I been able to repeat a clinical rotation. As it turns out my first 3 mos of my job were really difficult...
  4. ACC Nursing Drop Out Rate

    The current 1st semester class at Eastview has lost 7 now, at midterms. i do not know about the other locations.
  5. Just a 'butt-wiper'

    You might enjoy some new friends.:redbeathe