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kmart89 specializes in Progressive Care Unit (ICU step-down).

I'm just finding my way in this world. Currently working as a PCU nurse and thinking about NP, CRNA or med school.

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  1. Tarrant County College Fall 2014 Nursing Program

    For us, there were spots for people with extenuating circumstances (i.e. weddings, babies) and then for those who had high GPAs. There were definitely more people who applied for the spots than got to take summer classes.
  2. Tarrant County College Fall 2014 Nursing Program

    They have a fast track program at TCC and if they have open spots they will let students with high GPAs and those with extenuating circumstances to take the summer classes. I started at TCC in January 2012 and finished August 2013.
  3. Tarrant County College Fall 2014 Nursing Program

    @Diamond, did you get in? Hey all! I'm a former student as well. I'm pretty sure that @MurseFockerRN was in my adult clinical and the advice he has provided is pretty sound. I was able to graduate a semester early, as I was selected for the summer cl...
  4. Tarrant County College Spring 2014

    I worked mid-shift: 11a-11p
  5. Tarrant County College Spring 2014

    @tiffanies, The job market is tough. Throughout nursing school you will have time to make yourself more marketable. Get a PCT job. My initial PCT job was full-time and I did it through school working for $12/hour and 36 hours/week. It was tough. But ...
  6. Tarrant County College Spring 2014

    Hey everyone, I just stopped by for a little bit of nostalgic reading... I started nursing school at TCC in Spring 2012 with a bachelors degree and a 3.5GPA and a 90 HESI score (or something like that). I was wait-listed and then later emailed with ...
  7. I feel truly sorry for new grads

    This is truly a thread for the times! I graduated in August and recently passed boards... onto the job hunt. I am in the Dallas, Tx area and work at a large hospital in a large hospital system as a tech. Luckily, I have been blessed with 4 interview...
  8. Parkland Fall 2013 Residency

    So the interview is just 5 people interviewing one person at a time, right? Did anyone get a tour of the unit?
  9. Parkland Fall 2013 Residency

    Hello! I am interviewing on the 26th for the ER residency. Does anyone know how many people they are accepting. Looks like they could be interviewing as many as 60 people. Good luck to you all today!! Hope we all get to work together!
  10. Tarrant County College fall 2013

    Hey Alian18, I started at TCC in Spring 2012 and my experience at TCC has been great! Your clinical groups are never more than 10 students and my largest theory class was probably no greater than 30 students. For the most part, every teacher I've had...
  11. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    Correction: immunizations... Autocorrect Oh and I'm happy to say that I will have classes with some of you, my schedule is: Clinical Thursday 7:30-7:30 with theory m/w 10-11:50am and skills on monday 1:30-4:30. Abrn: do you know people who have bee...
  12. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    Does anyone know if we have to resubmit our unmunizations if the paperwork we turned in for out application included all of our vaccines?
  13. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    So, I ordered my name tags today. But I just gave them my name... will they know to put SN after it? And it was great to meet you all today!! Can't wait until January 17!
  14. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    Congratulations to everyone who got accepted!! Does anyone know if we'll get our schedules at orientation?
  15. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    So, I paid for my skills pack and CPR today, but I'm confused, how do we sign up for a day for our CPR class? 9 days until orientation!