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  1. My Life with a Nurse: A Man's Perspective

    I married a computer geek who CAN'Thandle being around anyone who is sick. When we were first married he came home spitting nails. Someone hung up on him, his computer program crashed and his color printer didn't work. He snapped at me and said "And ...
  2. To Assess or Not to Assess...

    I spent 9 years working with open heart patients. I saw EVERY pt. during the first hour of the shift. I did a cardiac and wound assessment on EVERY pt. What if their lungs filled up after a meal? Would you have anything to compare it to if you didn't...
  3. What nursing shortage? Not around here...they don't need nurses.

    :) Many of the hospitals in north Texas are offering hiring bonuses and there are 3 hospitals in the area that are either being built from the ground up or are adding significant wings. (one is opening an 8 floor tower next year) I don't know how the...