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  1. chicago_RN

    Trinity Health / Loyola

    Is this something that has happened or is it in the works? I didn't know anything about it. But if its true that really surprises me considering the name...
  2. chicago_RN

    Dream hospital job in Illinois

    PACU at Children's Memorial :)
  3. chicago_RN


    I was just offered a job as a new grad a little over a week ago. The posting for the position asked for experience. I'm glad I applied anyway! I called an HR office at a different hospital in Chicago that I wanted to apply to to ask why they don't hire new grads (every single posting said experience required). She said "we do hire new grads," like I was stupid or something. So story in short, apply anyway, eventually you'll find something!
  4. Like you, I wanted to go to a 4 year school for the college experience. I know for some people that's not important, but I wouldn't trade those 4 years for anything. Plus I met my husband in college. I think you're doing a good thing:)
  5. chicago_RN

    New Grad

    I graduated in December too and received a job offer last week and the posting online said 1-2 years experience. So apply anyway for the jobs that say experience required. So stay positive and keep appyling, don't give up, you worked too hard in nursing school to give up!
  6. chicago_RN

    10 years LVN,new grad RN and still hard to find a job

    You're not alone... I graduated in Dec 2010 and JUST found a job on June 20th. So I understand waiting for months and not hearing anything... just a little suggestion, for the longest time I avoided applying for the jobs that said experience required, which as you know really limits the # of jobs you can apply for.. Well I called an HR department at one of the hospitals here in Chicago to ask if they hire new grads at all because all listings said experience required. She was like "oh yeah we take new grads", well how are we supposed to know that when every posting says they want experience? So I started applying for any and all positions I was interested in and in the end was offered a job whose posting said experience required. Also, I don't know about where you are but in Chicago some of the big hospitals have new grad internships and I kept applying for those. Well, that's where ALL new grads are applying and up here those positions are held for those who worked as externs/interns or had a clinical there in school. So don't take it personally if you don't hear back from those facilities, chances are you never stood a chance. Look for the smaller hospitals. This was my experience at least. Good luck!
  7. chicago_RN

    States with the most nursing positions?

    I know a new grad who moved to Pittsburg PA with no connections and got a job at UPMC.
  8. chicago_RN

    States with the most nursing positions?

    My classmates who were from Houston and set on going back there had a little tougher time, so Houston is a little more stiff. But I think by now ( 6 mo after grad) they still all found jobs. But the Dallas/Fort Worth area is pretty good, many of the hospitals have no problem with hiring new grads. Some I would recommend are Baylor Health System (a system of 6 hospitals), Presbytarian, Methodist, Parkland, Children's Medical Center, UT Southwestern (they are big on GPA), Medical City, Cook Children's in Ft. Worth, and then there are also good hospitals in the north subburbs like Plano and McKinney. A couple of my classmates went to work at Scott & White in Temple (a great teaching hospital half way between Austin and Dallas). And then some still went to Waco and are working at Providence Hospital or Hillcrest. I know a few got jobs in Austin but I think its a little more competitive than Dallas. Dell Children's is a good one in Austin. Hope this helps. I lived in TX for 5 years before moving to Illinois (should have stayed the job market is far better there), so if you have any more questions feel free to ask.
  9. chicago_RN

    States with the most nursing positions?

    Not Illinois. Texas is good. I went to nursing school in Texas, everyone I graduated with in Dec 2010 has a job now. That's pretty good considering the situation.
  10. chicago_RN

    What's next?

    I took my nclex march 17, found out two days later online that i passed, I didn't get a license number until april 20th. I would plan waiting about month before you get the #.
  11. chicago_RN

    CNA Interview!

    I should probably PM this but I can't figure out how lol...but starting pay is $26 and $29 for nights. That is the same as Loyola, I had an interview there. So they pay pretty well! I took care of everything yesterday and it was pretty much as you said. Just looking forward to July now.
  12. chicago_RN

    Where are all of the jobs for New RN's at?

    I had this same issue. I also graduated in December. I received an offer yesterday and the posting for this position said experience required but applied anyway and still got the job. Also I called Swedish Covanent HR and asked if they hire new grads since all of their positions said experience required and she said they do, and to apply for any positions I'm interested in. So apparently we're supposed to know to still apply for positions even when it says exp req.?? I bet they say that to decrease the volume of applicants, and we both fell for it:) So apply anyways! Its a frustrating process, keep pressing on
  13. chicago_RN

    CNA Interview!

    Hi! Yes I am a new grad, the market is so tough in Chicago for NG's, so that was really smart of you to find work while in school. Hopefully you can transition to an RN position after graduation on your unit. I graduated from a school in Texas with my BSN. So yeah I'm really excited to start! My start date in July 11. What did you wear to orientation? Also wondering if I need to dress up at all tomorrow when I go to sign papers...
  14. chicago_RN

    New grad moving from Phoenix to Chicago

    I just moved to Chicago from Dallas as a new grad, it took me 10 months to find a job:( Only 2 interviews in that amount of time. I got a call from Children's for an interview but had to decline because I didn't have my license yet. So definitely be diligent about that. I'm bilingual as well, it didn't seem to do a whole lot in my case. Everyone seems to want experience unfortunately. But as others have said, many positions for new grads are already spoken for for those with connections. And you seem to have one. Hopefully it will work to your advantage! Good luck!
  15. chicago_RN

    New grad relocating to Chicago

    Your situation sounds exactly like mine. I graduated from nursing school in December 2010 and moved to Chicago in January because my husband is up here for law school. Like a good nursing student I started looking for a job last September and had a really tough time. I have my BSN, I worked as a tech at Children's Medical Center of Dallas while in school, and I speak Spanish and none of this seemed to matter. I applied to close to 100 jobs in Chicago and all nearby subburbs and only received 2 interviews in a 9 month period. I finally received a phone call yesterday from a hospital with a part-time job offer and of course accepted. But, considering I graduated in December and have been looking since last September, I'd say the market up here is pretty terrible unless you have a lot of connections (I had none) or experience. I know how you feel having the pressure to provide while having a husband in school. Best of Luck! Use any and all connections you have because I found simply applying to hospitals online to be a dead end with volume so high right now. You can message me if you have any questions or anything! Something will come eventually!
  16. chicago_RN

    CNA Interview!

    Hi sj, so I received a call yesterday and was offered the job! Yeah the interview wasn't too bad, and I got a really good feel for the hospital. Everyone seemed really nice. The position is an RN position on the med-surg/womens/peds floor. I can't wait to start, new graduate RN positions are really tough to come by in Chicago right now, so I'm just excited to jump in and start working.