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  1. themommy

    New Student... Feeling Unsure

    THANK YOU all for your words of encouragement!! I took about a month and a half off from school, and started back up a few weeks ago. I worked hard to get here, and I'm not giving in! :) You guys have made me feel even more confident about my choice. I've also talked to several professional nurses recently, and that has helped me to realize that there are SO many amazing opportunities for new grads that do not involve total bedside care. And who knows... maybe bedside care will grow on me after a few clinical rotations. I'm going in with an open mind, guys! Wish me luck!!!
  2. just wanted to share! from medscape nursing free registration required to view content.---fantastic site. karen looking out for our new nurse grads laura a. stokowski, rn, ms http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/744221?src=mp&spon=24
  3. themommy

    No sick adults please.....can I still be a nurse?

    OP, I can relate pretty well... I'm actually not a huge fan of sick people in general. Well actually, I take that back... sick people are fine, and I do enjoy helping to make them feel better (even my husband when he's sick, and that guy can be the biggest baby on the planet). But I don't like the thought of working with critically ill patients, especially those who need total care. I wasn't sure how I would like hospital clinicals, and after my first clinical rotation in oncology, I knew 100% that I don't want to work in a hospital EVER. It probably sounds like nursing school is the wrong place for me, but I've always wanted to become a nurse because I want to work in preventative health. I see myself doing education, and teaching people to stay healthy so that they don't end up in hospitals. I think there is definitely a need for nurses to work that kind of work. I currently work per diem as a health educator (which I LOVE), but I'm looking forward to having BSN, RN after my name so that I can help those people on a greater level and with even more knowledge. It's going to be even tougher than it already is to get through nursing school when you don't like a majority of what you'll be doing, but just know that every single thing you'll be learning, every skill that you'll be performing, and every patient you encounter will be invaluable to you becoming a fantastic OB or pediatric nurse one day.
  4. themommy

    New Student... Feeling Unsure

    Thank you for all of the helpful replies, everyone! It's a scary thing to think about throwing a lot of hard work (1 year in prereq's plus 6 months so far in school) down the drain. I'll give it some more time before I decide. Loriangel14, I honestly didn't think of that part of nursing, because hospital nursing was never my goal. The handful of nurses I have known in my life have all held nursing jobs outside of the hospital. I thought their jobs sounded amazing, mostly because they were focused around health promotion (education, family planning, etc). Certainly not all nursing jobs involve dealing with poop and pee. I figured I could put up with it for the 2 years that I'm in school, but it's not as easy to handle as I thought. I'm sure it doesn't help that I have three toddlers... I get pooped, peed, and vomited on on a pretty regular basis on my own time.
  5. themommy

    New Student... Feeling Unsure

    Hello! This is my first post here at allnurses, and I was hoping to get some support, advice, and/or words of wisdom from you wonderful nurses here. I just got started with my clinical rotations for my BSN program, and I'm feeling extremely unsure about my decision to be a nurse. I've only completed 3 shifts so far (I'm doing 12 hour shifts, 7pm to 7am), and I'm starting to really freak out. I know it's all still very new, so I may be prematurely freaking out, but I'm freaking out nonetheless. I was 99.9% sure going in that I wouldn't like the hospital environment, and boy was I right. Again, I know I haven't been doing it for long, but I just never saw myself doing this kind of nursing. When I used to fantasize about being a nurse, I would see myself doing a lot of patient education, and working in more of a preventative type of environment. I didn't see myself taking care of extremely sick patients, and I certainly didn't see myself getting vomited on, cleaning up all sorts of bodily fluids, and taking people to the bathroom. I guess my question is, have any of you hated the hospital environment during school, but went on to graduate and find a nursing job that you love? Are new grads able to get hired on in clinics, public health, research, or school nursing? I'm just feeling so confused... I'm literally the only person in my group of peers that is miserable at clinicals, and if this is an perhaps an early indication that I won't like nursing, then I almost feel like I should get out before I get too far in. For what it's worth, I am absolutely fascinated with nursing, and I love everything I've learned so far in my classes. I know whatever I do with my life, I hope I make a positive difference in other people's lives.