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  1. javigarcia

    California licensing with a DUI

    Thanks for the great reply sandiegodui. I have been considering AA meetings and have gotten in contact with an office near my home where I can go. One issue that causes concern to me is that the board of registered nursing might think that I am an alcoholic that is currently seeking rehabilitation. A couple of my friends have told me this. Do you think this might happen?
  2. javigarcia

    There's hope for us!! (for those worried about background)

    Dinguino I agree with you. I live in California and have a dui charge. I already know that this will be a bump on the road to being a nurse. I called the BRN in Arizona and they said they would likely review the dui but they would not deign me a license because of it.
  3. javigarcia

    Will my backgroubd keep me from getting my nursing license?

    I agree with diva RN. Even if you expunge it you have to report it.
  4. javigarcia

    Denied NCLEX by CA BRN due to two DUI's-HELP!

    A friend of mine recently got denied to sit for the NCLEX in California. She was disappointed and filed to sit in Nevada. She is taking NCLEX next month.
  5. javigarcia

    Guys: what made you want to go into nursing?

    I decided to join nursing because I really wanted to be in teh medical field. I met a nure when a friend was very ill. After I went through that I decided that it was my calling.
  6. javigarcia

    California licensing with a DUI

    Hi everyone, I am posting this to try and get some information about what I can do to better my chances of obtaining an RN license in California with a couple of charges including a dui. My charges include the following: Open Container -2008 (citation ticket) Public Urination-2006 (citation ticket) DUI- 2005 (misdemeanour) I am currently in nursing school ad will be graduating with a BSN in December 2013. I have reviewed the licensing application and I read that the BRN allows you to submit letters from recognized recovery programs, nursing instructors, employers. You can also submit Proof of community work, schooling, and self improvement efforts. With that said, I would like to know if anyone has ever been in a similar situation and has succeeded in obtaining a license with a past dui or criminal history. I would also like advise on things that I could do to better my application chances Does anyone think its a good idea to join AA? Thanks.
  7. javigarcia

    Denied NCLEX by CA BRN due to two DUI's-HELP!

    Hi dinguino I read your post and it applies to something that I am going through. I am currently a nursing student that will graduate school December 2013 in California. I received a dui that has been expunged. I was planning on going out of state and applying for an RN license in Arizona or Texas as someone has told me in the past that California is one of the strictest states when it comes to dui. If I go to Arizona do you know if I will be able to come back to California ever? Thanks!
  8. javigarcia

    First-time DUI applying to nursing school in Fall 2012

    Im a current Nursing student who has had a dui. All that I know from what others have told me is that the BRN will give me trouble when I apply to sit for the NCLEX. My DUI happened in 2005 and I have already got it expunged. I do not think you will have trouble completing school but I am not sure bout licensing. I plan on going t another state and trying to get my license there after I complete school in California.