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  1. I'll be leaving soon also! I'll be wearing white shirt with black flowers and black capris if ya see me!
  2. I will also be going the 9th. Well I got the state criminal record check online immediately, and I got my finger print FBI one back like 4 days later (unusual to be so fast) and still waiting on child abuse. It should not take too long, considering that I work at a daycare and had to get them all done about a year ago. Are you also getting photo idb done the 9th?
  3. ninabean520

    Shayside SON Fall 2011

    I received my letter of acceptance on may 25th! Have you heard anything yet ?
  4. I have been accepted also! I already received 2 of my clearances, just waiting for the one which had to be mailed out. I am so excited! Which information session are you attending ?
  5. I have been accepted to Shadyside Nursing school this fall (2011) and wanted to invite others to get to know eachother before class starts!