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  1. They don't accept that many. There was only 45 spots for Fall and now our class is down to about 40.
  2. I was reading similar reports about USA, so I was nervous. BUT I started the Accelerated program in July, and it is absolutely AMAZING. It is a small cohort of students and staff who go above and beyond to make sure we are successful. It is very intense, but I love it. Good luck to ya'll.
  3. I did find roommates. Thanks though :)
  4. Hello future classmates! I am so excited to meet everyone in July. I am currently working on living arrangements. I talked to a couple people in the program that said it would be a good idea to live near the classroom complex, so I found a pretty good deal that is furnished, utilities included, and very close. It's a 3 bedroom, so I'm looking for 2 roommates. If anyone else is still looking for a place I'd love to talk to you about working something out. Otherwise I will see you all July 18th.
  5. Markeyk2

    ABSN USA JULY 2011

    Ohh ok, I joined but there is another facebook group with a couple people in it: University of South Alabama Accelerated BSN/MSN Fall 2011 Class just FYI.
  6. Markeyk2

    ABSN @USA - Just got accepted for Fall 2011

    Hello, I just found out that I was accepted last week! I'm a little nervous that I only have a couple week to prepare, but I'm super excited to get started and met everyone! I'm on the look out for a place to live and roommates also if anyone has any more good information about finding housing that would be awesome!
  7. Markeyk2

    ABSN USA JULY 2011

    I was told over the phone also which from what I hear is "technically" official, and I was just told May 25th. The coordinator also said that packets should go out by June 1st, so we should be getting something this week or next. Do you know where you are going to live?