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  1. gyulnara

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    Hi guys, sooo glad I found this thread I've got an interview with PBI next Tuesday, nervous as lol But can anyone tell me any tips for this interview? Is it possible that someone gets an interview but doesn't get accepted?! I'm being so paranoid now cause I've been on their waiting list for almost 2 yrs. So I'm kinda skeptical. Has anyone been in this situation before regarding PBI?
  2. gyulnara

    Wagner College 2011

    Hi guys, I've been really into applying for Wagner, maybe for the next cycle. But for the generic nursing as a transfer. Is there anything anyone can tell me about this program of theirs? :):)
  3. gyulnara

    St Pauls School of Nursing 2010 Acceptance

    This is so good to hear, thanks. It feels as if people are only assuming what SP is all about just from doing research or something. Is there anything you can let me know about this place, cause their ws is pretty useless as far as information goes.
  4. Thanks so much for the the boost. Have you ever heard of the possibility of not getting accepted even with an interview?
  5. gyulnara

    St. Paul's School of Nursing - Fall 2010 Acceptance

    Hi all, I'm really interested in applying to this school but their website isn't really informative/helpful, to me at least . Is there anyone who can spare me any information at all about this school/program??
  6. Hello to all, from me, Julia. I'm so excited to have made myself a part of AllNurses.com, took me forever to get the guts lol. Ever since I messed up my first year of college as a nursing major, I've been repenting since then! I made my way over to this thread because I have been on BI's waiting list for almost 2 years now! But, I made everything up, retook the NLN, etc. & I finally got an interview for next Tuesday. It's not much to be proud of sharing with everyone, but I thought I'd throw this out there & see what advice everyone here can offer me. PLZ!