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  1. dflowersrn

    Share Your Favorite Nurse Nurses Week Contest

    Dana Delaney from China Beach! I loved that show!
  2. dflowersrn

    Make a Meme Nurses Week Contest

    You are not going to put anything in my penis! Yake that tube and put it up your arse!!!
  3. dflowersrn

    Cartoon Caption Student Nurse Day Contest

    hey Joe! I am going to need 4 dozen razors to get this guy ready his chest surgery!
  4. dflowersrn

    Caption This Cartoon Nurses Week Contest

    Oh my! it's Edward scissor pants!
  5. dflowersrn

    Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    It's gonna blow! run for cover!
  6. dflowersrn

    Brian Short News

    my condolences to his family and friends it is a great site
  7. dflowersrn

    What did you do before nursing?

    I started nursing school at 17 and have been a nurse for31 years I wanted to be a nurse since I was 9
  8. It depends if the other nurse was on the side that was easier for the patient to roll on I would ask or if I was on the good side I would do it for another nurse. We are all a team!
  9. dflowersrn

    Hospice Nursing Question

    Even if hspice has ordered the meds we in long-term care don't give them until they are neede. I the patient is not ready they are not given
  10. dflowersrn

    Hospice Nursing Question

    It is usually done because the patient refuses to take the medications most of the time or they can not swallow. My last patient had been refusing her meds twice a day ordered at least 8 times a week if not more when hospice came in they discontinued all her meds she was not taking them anyway
  11. dflowersrn

    Teaching Childhood Immunizations

    i also teach about immunizations in a pharmacology class, i use pictures of the disease and the schedule for the vaccines, using a power point presentation with pictures. there are also some good movies on immunizations. they have ones with both pros and cons. here is the link http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/all/
  12. dflowersrn

    using blogs for student education

    I am in class to get my Master's in Nursing Education. One of our assignments is to decide if we think blogs could be a useful teaching technique to students. Blogs are being used in some classrooms so students can work on them at any time. They can be used as a discussion page on a specfic topic,or as a journal. They can also add pictures or video clips according to my text book. One nursing instructor used a blog so the students could write about thier experinces in clinicals and share thier stories and frustrations and learning with the other students. An other article used it for faculty development for teaching tips. What do yo9u feel about using blogs as a classroom tool or have you already used blogs dflowersrn
  13. dflowersrn

    Writing Multiple Choice Test Items: Part One

    I am in school to get my master in nursing education, the one thing I found was there are no questions on how to write test questions. These titles will be very helpful for me thanks df