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  1. FunRun

    does anyone out there copy charts to save time?

    I agree with what another poster said. I understand where your coming from and can even see why you would think to do this, however, I think the problem is the copies. Like others have said you cannot have copies in the chart and even with the electronic charting your not copying one patients info and pasting it into anothers chart. My suggestion to you would be to admit you were wrong, apologize sincerely and let them know it will not happen again. It is important at this point to "own" your mistake and your actions. It is OK to make mistakes, the important think is to realize when you've made them and make the gutsy move to say "yeah, I did this and it was wrong and I am very sorry". If all goes well I would suggest changing the current documentation to something more standardized where you can check boxes off and make comments only if everything is outside the norm. Hope things work out for you, it sounds like you had good intentions just made a silly mistake.
  2. FunRun

    Patient complaint filed

    I have read some very helpful advice and encouragement for this poor nurse going through an awful time, this however is not helpful at all. What is a "prig"? Also, I have found that the people who post on this site are very thoughtful and encouraging with their words-it would be nice if everyone used the same respect and professionalism :) To the nurse going through this, just keep your head up and know that you did nothing wrong. Unfortunatly it looks like they are going to make you jump through some hoops before getting back to work but stick with it and when this is all said and done just take from it what you can and move forward. Best of luck to you :)
  3. FunRun

    What should I do about the patient from hell?

    I agree with Chinup- Mountain Biker 88 you have a very poor attitiude, and again I am not sure why this lady is bothering you so much if you are providing her with excellent nursing care. Go in to your job, do it well and if the patients are rude and make up lies then so be it. You cannot quit your job everytime a patient makes you upset, I find this rather disturbing. I do wish you luck, it sounds like you will need it.
  4. FunRun

    What should I do about the patient from hell?

    When I read the original post to start this thread I felt a slew of emotions come over me. If you read your post again it sounds very insenstive. You are very concerned about your feelings and how this woman makes YOU feel, what about her? I have worked in nursing homes and long term care facilities for many years and have encountered many of these "difficult" patients. My advice to you would be to first figure out why her feelings towards you are bothering you so much, could it be that she is just very unhappy herself and this is how she copes? Also, when I have encountered patients like this in the past and they make a mean or rude comment to me I simply ask them how they would like me to do things. It is important to remain patient and calm and never let your patients see that they have hit a nerve and they are making you feel bad-not only is it not worth it for you to get upset, it only leads to problems. It also sounds like your giving up, refuse to take care of a patient? I don't understand, it is our job as nurses to care for all patients easy or difficult- now I understand there are extenuating circumstances but this just sounds to me like a very sad, sick and difficult patient. Goodluck to you in the future, I challege you to make ammends with this patient and show him/her how compassionate and interested you are in improving the way you care for him/her and how you make them feel. You would never believe how far unrelenting kindness will go no matter how poorly you are treated:D
  5. FunRun

    "Capped Care" in the ICU

    I too have never heard the term "Capped Care", can someone explain? Interested to know :-) I work in a Cardiac ICU and when there is a decision to change our goals or not move forward with care there is a very specific conversation had with families/patients and then a very specific order is written and everyone on the team is aware of the plan. Communication is so important and it is sad to hear that sometimes nurses are unclear. My advice, if there is ever a question go up the chain of command until you find answers. It is our job as nurses to make sure we are carying out the wishes of the patients and families we care for. This is a tough issue and it is even tougher when everyone is unclear of the plan. Hope this helps...
  6. FunRun

    New RN on the verge of a breakdown.... Help!!

    This is completely normal, when you are feeling overwhelmed just stop and take a deep breathe, if you are worried about hurting someone you should be able to stop for a minute and eye ball them and make sure everything is in place- VS are stable, they are comfortable and there are no acute concerns. It is very easy to get overwhelmed (esp. with "tasky" things) and as a new nurse myself (it will be two years in Sept) I have learned it is so vital to express your feelings to your preceptor and the senior staff you are working with- they will have excellent feedback and should give you support. If you weren't stressed and concerned about hurting someone I would worry- the most important thing you can do is keep your patients safe so when things start to feel overwhelming just ask yourself "are my patients safe? Are they in any harm right now" if the answer is no then just relax and prioritize and do the best you can :-) Never be afraid to speak up and ask for help, you are not alone!
  7. I always knew I wanted to do acute care and I always thought I would work in an ED however, I am now a Cardiac ICU nurse and I love it- would have never thought cardiac would be where I end up :-) The wonderful thing about nursing though, is, you can always change your mind and try other things :-)
  8. FunRun

    So do you really...

    It depends where you work and what the policy states. I work in a Cardiac ICU and we do complete head to toe assessments every 2hours and prn as well as VS every 2hours and prn. As far as a reproductive exam, I am not really sure what you mean? All this information should be clearly stated in the standards of care for your unit/facility in which you work. Hope this helps!
  9. It sounds like a really tough position to be in, however, I am going to be a little more blunt then others and say it also sounds like you got yourself in this position. I am unclear how someone ends up with three jobs they do not want. You need to be clear when you are applying/interviewing/shadowing what you really are looking for so as not to have any confusion. From this point on, although difficult sometimes, you need to be upfront and clear about what it is your looking for. Goodluck!
  10. FunRun

    Thank you note.

    ......store bought with simply "Thank you" on the front and a written note inside is what I did
  11. FunRun

    Thank you note.

    I sent a thank you note after my shadow experience letting them know how the experience was for me and showing my enthusiasm for the opportunity to join there team. Congrats, and goodluck!
  12. FunRun

    contacting nurse/unit managers?

    If I were you I would first apply to the posting, then I would get in touch with the nurse manager either via e-mail or phone call and let them know you are very interested in becoming a tech on there floor. My guess is they are going to tell you to apply when you meet/call them so it will be good to have that done first. I most def would not just show up, however that may be some peoples style and might work just great. I also know that you could be showing up on a very busy day and be the last thing the NM wants to deal with. Just some advice, hope it goes well :-)
  13. FunRun

    advice for a new nurse starting in the cvicu

    http://www.pacep.org/ Go to this website and do as much as you can, it is a really great resource. It stands for the Pulmonary Artery Catheter Education Project and I would recommend it to anyone in Cardiology care! :redbeathe
  14. FunRun

    How fast did you find your first job?

    Graduated in May 2009, started first nursing job Sept. 2009