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DILM has 1 years experience and specializes in Ophthalmology.

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  1. DILM

    need help in uplifting my resume!

    There are some hospitals that require you to have a board rating of 80% or above when you apply. Since your academic and board credentials are not your strongest asset, I suggest you make it up by getting a good evaluation from your volunteer experience. You could ask for a recommendation letter from your preceptor so that when you get interviewed in the big hospitals, you have proof of good clinical performance. Just remember not all the topnotchers or cum laudes are the ones that perform the best in the real world of nursing. The people who have the right attitude & confidence are the ones that do.
  2. Based on my experience, most hospitals don't require you to be ACLS certified. It would look good on your resume but it's not really necessary. Since you already have your BLS and IVT training, that's enough to pass your resume in different hospitals.
  3. DILM

    Philippine Nurses Association (PNA)

    It's best to renew your membership if the hospital you're applying for requires it or if you want to get a discount on their seminars. That's the only practical use of the PNA card that I could think of. Otherwise, you're just wasting your 400 pesos.
  4. It's possible to be hired in a special area w/o ward experience. I had my training in the OR then I ended up working in the eye center. The only ward experience that I had was when I was still a student. So if you put me in the ward, I would probably have a hard time since there are certain skills in the ward that are not practiced in my area at all. You could do research in the different specialties of nursing so you could aim for that specialty that you like best. Good luck!
  5. DILM

    fluorescein angiography training

    I had my training in UST Hospital then I worked there for 1 year in their Eye Center as an OR/RR nurse. I don't think there's an eye center that would teach you how to do FA for training purposes only. It's more of an on-the-job-training. So if you really want to be an ophthalmic nurse or technician, you've got to get the job for it. Good luck!
  6. DILM

    fluorescein angiography training

    If you want training on Flourescein Angiography, I suggest you apply as a technician in an eye center. That way, you would also learn about how to use other ophthalmic machines like OCT, Visual Field, Biometry etc.
  7. DILM

    New Nursing Salary

    In my previous hospital experience, they paid about 10K a month, and that was a private tertiary hospital.
  8. DILM

    Asian Eye Institute

    Yup! I'll start working there this June! I left my job at the hospital because of their good offer!
  9. DILM

    requirements for Capitol Medical Center

    @HazelRN: I didn't take the exam since I already had another offer at another company. @Anne Enlliot03: I passed mine last year around October. I suggest you continue applying at other hospitals. The selection of resumes in CMC is quite random. I have a friend who was texted only after a few months after he passed his resume. Mine took almost a year even though we both passed at the same time and considering our credentials are fairly similar. I also have another friend who graduated cum laude in our school and had a very high board rating, but still, she wasn't contacted by the hr.
  10. Metro North Medical Center is found along mindanao avenue, near project 8. I passed by there a while ago and I only saw their huge banner saying that that site is where the hospital will be erected. I don't think they have started building it yet.
  11. DILM

    requirements for Capitol Medical Center

    I don't know if they prefer graduates from universities but they sure take a long time before they text you for their exam. I passed my resume there last year and I only got their text for the exam this week. Their next exam is scheduled on may 30. It wouldn't hurt to try to pass your requirements there though.
  12. Yep.. I paid 5K for the 3-month training.. It's really worth it if you really want to work your way up to your employment there. The downside of that is that you'll be working on a contractual basis and the only thing you'll receiving from them is the salary.
  13. DILM

    Asian Eye Institute

    I submitted my resume in of their satellite offices in trinoma but that was November last year. I only got their text 3 weeks ago for the initial interview because one of their nurses was about to resign. Their hiring process is fast. I didn't take an exam and only had to go through 3 interviews, all done on the same day. The next day, I received a text from HR that I qualified for the job. Their salary is very competitive and much higher compared to hospitals and their benefits are really good. I'm really excited to work there!
  14. to Hmm.. try to follow-up regarding your application.. That's what I did before and the HR personnel gave me a date on my interview schedule.. I think the process for that is that you'll take a psych exam first then HR interview, after that I waited for the schedule of the nursing exam (It's quite hard btw, so you better review but your evaluation in your training would weigh more). All in all I had to pass through 5 interviews from HR to the Nursing Directress before I got hired. Good luck to you!
  15. I think non-UST graduate are also welcome to apply there. It's just that USTH prioritizes their graduates first. I actually know a few nurses there who are non-UST that are now working as staff nurses. It's very possible!
  16. DILM

    Asian Eye Institute

    @Mikalai: I only passed my resume in one of their clinics.. Their main clinic is in Rockwell and they have satellite clinics in Trinoma and Mall of Asia. I'm going to work there soon so good luck to you!