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    Why are dialysis nurses paid less?

    I have been a nurse for almost 19 years and I have served the academe, the floor,the ER, the OR, the Birthing Unit and the Nursing Homes, my current specialization is at chronic dialysis now serving for 2 years . WHEN A NURSE, YOU ARE ALWAYS A NURSE no matter what and where you are. We are NURSES because we know we do care for people that needs our help, expertise and empathy. Dialysis nurses in our state are well compensated, we do not have doctors that are constantly in the floor to oversee our activities. We consider ourselves confident and competent in saving lives not only during treatments but whenever patients have almost coded, we revive them, we do head to toe assessments and we are educators for their compliance to their meds, diet, and tx. We give IV antibiotics, and IV meds to recuperate ailing lab values. We do whatever floor nurses do, Dialysis Nursing is nursing beyond the books you learned in school, it is a kind of nursing where patients become your friends and your family.