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    HELP!!! bad evaluation

    @ICUnursing Yeah....a lot of medical treatment facilities seems like they torture their new grads....and the stress of doing the right thing and to be perfect and not make any mistakes is difficult...and you are never comfortable. And Sadly, if your personality does not fit their expectations makes it twice as hard. My suggestion is if you are not comfortable where you will be working then its not worth it. You will just end up trying to find another job somewhere else. As a new grad myself back in 2008....I knew the best way to get experience, upward mobility, and respect was to join the armed forces....it does not matter which service because you will be doing what they want you to do which is nursing...Just have to have an open mind, be physically fit, and have fun. The military will train you on what you need to do. The deployments are the best way to get experience because you will see lots of acute illnesses and trauma. You will learn and take it all in. And then when you decide to get out and go back to civillian life you will have a lot of experiences to put on your resume plus management skills. Or you can make a career out of it. Checkout the specific nursing recruiters to get more info. Although you have to have patience because it takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to process your papers. Meanwhile, do what you can to keep your civillian job....but put an application for the military nurse and you can look at the bigger picture of your career. GOOD LUCK!