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Louisiana's Latest Activity

  1. Louisiana

    Scrub magazine

    Hi does anybody have scrub magazines ?
  2. Louisiana

    Will soon be a GPN in LA

    Temp licenses r not given out in Louisiana anymore
  3. Louisiana

    Need some help

    Hi I was wondering if anybody has the Basic Nursing Textbook 10 edition. On chapter 15 Organization of the Human Body on page 155, if anybody could give me the "new terminology" words, i will be so appreciated. Thanks
  4. Louisiana

    The waiting period.....

    I forgot to ask, did your plan work pokeme25 ?
  5. Louisiana

    The waiting period.....

    I did this today !!! Lol I called several times before but haven't in a while and I just called to see when they was mailing out acceptance letters and the girl said they was on her desk now and was going in the mail today and she asked my name and she told me I was accepted !!! YAY !! I start Jan 14, 2013, I have a calendar where I'm counting the days down.
  6. Louisiana

    Confused about nursing school!!

    Ferriday is between Jonesville La and Natchez Ms..it is about 3 hours north of u maybe. Are you going for LPN or RN ?
  7. Louisiana

    Confused about nursing school!!

    Where is that school located ? If it is on probation for most of the students not passing the exam then that should speak for itself. I would go to another school if I was u. I start in Jan at CLTC @ Shelby M Jackson campus in Ferriday La for LPN. Good luck to u !!
  8. Louisiana

    What "must haves" does a student nurse need for school?

    That is valuable info !!!!!....lol
  9. Louisiana

    What "must haves" does a student nurse need for school?

    What was the Vicks Vapor Rub for ??
  10. Louisiana

    I have to choose between being a nurse or mother!

    I agree , get a second opinion !!!
  11. Louisiana

    Louisiana technical college ??

    Is anyone planning to go to louisiana technical college for LPN or is anyone currently attending ? Would like to ask a few questions..
  12. Louisiana

    Who is currently waiting to hear?

    I applied at Louisiana technical college at Shelby M Jackson campus for Jan2013, they said they would send out letters in Nov. Is anyone else going to or graduated from Louisiana technical college ?
  13. Louisiana

    online nursing school

    Is anyone taking online nursing classes to become a RN ? What is the best online school for this ? Does it cost alot ? Can i get loans to take online classes ? Any thoughts and ideas will be great !

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