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    HELP!!! bad evaluation

    I had a rough time finding a job as a new grad, despite a great GPA etc, bc of the ****** economy. Finally found one in a different state & relocated. Have been on my own for 2 months now and just today got an eval where they rate you as a "high, medium or low performer", and i was ranked as Low. My charge nurse said i have 5 days to come up with an action plan where im supposed to state goals and say how i will reach them. First off, i have no idea what format this action plan is supposed to be in, she just said it can be whatever i want, but ive never seen/written one so i have NO CLUE where to start. Second, i was ranked as a low performer because apparently i ask too many questions. The Charge RN says i ask more questions than the other new grads, she says i need to figure things out on my own. I said, im a new grad so i feel more comfortable asking someone with 10+ years of experience for input, even when i feel like i know the answer, i want someone with experience to agree that im not missing anything. This is the ICU, these pt's are sick! Charge RN said the other nurses come to her bc i ask too many questions, instead of just saying something to me. Everyone is nice to my face but complain to charge RN. ANd this is the very 1st time my charge RN told me of this- why couldnt she have told me theres a problem before i was ranked as a low performer? She also stated that all of the charges agree that they dont feel comfortable giving me the higher acuity pt's on the floor bc i need a lot of help when my pt's become unstable, which creates problem for staff bc more exper. nurses have to take on 2 higher acuity pt/s at a time. I do get her concern and it sucks that the more experienced RNs get stuck with hard assignments bc of a new grad, but in my defense, i only have 2 months experience and i was told while i was on orientation that the new grads would be given the easier pt's anyway. Its like they pulled out the rug from underneath me, telling me one thing while i was on orientation but now saying that it is a problem that they cant give me the higher acuity pt's. I have never had any complaints of anything i did wrong- im sure i made little mistakes just like all humans do, but i mean ive never had a charge RN/manager come to me and say, look, you did this, you messed up, etc. Ive kept my pts safe and had no complaints to my face about my care. So right now i am extremely frustrated bec i feel as though they made themselves out to be so nice and welcoming of questions etc but are now discouraging them, saying i need to figure stuff out on my own, ask less, etc. WHat should i do- i only have 2 months of exper so i will have a ****** time finding a job at a facility that has better education/better learning environment. I relocated for this job and still have several months on my apartment lease so i have no idea what i'll do if in 30 days they fire me (they said they would if i did not meet standards in 30 days). SHould i quit now before they fire me though? Should i just keep trying for 30 days and save up money to pay off my leases and move back to my home state with my parents? And what on earth do i write on the action plan..?? I mean i read up on material when i get home if im not too familiar with something, i research stuff, etc. What else can i do? Book learning cant replace experience, which is what i dont have. I study hard but my work environment jsut isnt very good for learning on the job. Nurses get agitated when i ask questions. What is a new grad to do???????