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  1. I am graduating this DEC with a BSN, and hope to start work in january. I really want to become a CRNA eventually. From my understanding most civilian schools require atleast a 3.0 to apply, and the cut off rate is usually around a 3.2. My GPA is looking like a 2.86. Unfortunately my science and nursing classes GPA are closer to 2.0. Questions #1: is it possible to get into a civilian program with a 2.8 #2: is it possible to get into the Army's CRNA program with a 2.8 #3: besides GPA what is factored into the decision for admission(i have heard they consider your GRE scores, Work Experience, and an interview) #4: What type of job should I look to acquire after graduation/Which critical care specialty would BEST prepare me for a CRNA program #5: What additional classes should I take before applying? My school will not allow me to repeat delete classes, so going back and retaking classes to raise my GPA is not an option. #6: what certifications should i strive to obtain before applying? #7: Where can i find a list of books used in CRNA programs? #8 ANY SUGGESTED READING MATERIALS WOULD BE APPRECIATED :)