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  1. kierontye

    GPA a little low...Help:(

    Hey Gwapo!! Got mine done by WES; it's really low and am not that bad of a student back home. Anyways let me know how you got WES to redo your transcript. Thx for that info. I am from Michigan and have inquired about my Gpa situation to some univ here and their advice is to take those sciences prereq undergrad and aim for A and get a hiscore on GRE. They basically telling me that they look at the big picture instead of just the GPA. But it's the risk I have to take of being accepted as it is competitive program. They only take 20-25 student out of 300 applicants and there is only 5 universities in Mi that offers Crna program. Keep me posted with ur end. Send me an email! Thx for ur reply!! Will definitely look into WES.
  2. kierontye

    advice for getting into a CRNA program with a 2.86 GPA

    We are in the same boat!! I have actually called some university and inquired about this. But first u must have an ICU experience for at least a year, with that Gpa you need to take GRE and aim for a good result, certification would be an added asset to your application; Requirements for intake varies so check university sites. I got frutrated when my transcript was translated but the advice I got is that they look at the big picture not just the numbers so keep up your plans!!
  3. kierontye

    GPA a little low...Help:(

    Thx a lot!! That was exactly what I had in mind!! It's a competitive program, so will do my best in that regard and hope for the best!!
  4. kierontye

    GPA a little low...Help:(

    Graduate from Philippines, Just got my transcript translation and GPA is 2.7. Been a nurse for 10 yrs & worked in several countries and presently working in ICU. With this number, admission office probably would not even look at my application; Presently reviewing for GRE and completing sciences that have expired since I graduated BSN 10 yrs ago. I was not below average student back in Philippines but these translation is getting me worried. Really want to get in the program... Any ideas anyone????