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    D/F Repeat rule for pre-nursing classes?!

    Thanks for everyone's responses so far. ScottE - my school actually does have an "academic forgiveness" policy which will forgive any D/F if they were earned 5 years in the past. Unfortunately, my bad grades were earned in the spring of 2008 which is only 3 years ago. UVA Grad - The two Fs that I earned were in the CC - NOT nursing school. They are in Kinesiology (from when I was in PTA school at the CC) and Math 145 (CC level math). The university's BSN program requires Math 121 (which is university-level math, not CC level) so I am hoping to take Math 121 and then apply the D/F repeat rule to this course so they will not figure the F into my cumulative GPA. The F will always be on my transcript, but if I re-take it and get a higher grade, they will delete the F's points from my GPA and replace those points with my new higher grade. (I'm not very good at explaining these things lol)
  2. Hi everyone :) I have just decided 100% that I'm going to finish taking my pre-reqs and apply for nursing school! Of course, now I have 800 million questions and my advisor isn't responding to my e-mails. Here is a little background info. I started college right out of high school when I was 18 as a business major. I started out making decent grades; I think I averaged a 3.0ish gpa. My 2nd year I switched majors from the university to their community college because I was considering Physical Therapist Assistant school. HOWEVER, I had four different close family members pass away and I was dealing with breaking up with an abusive boyfriend PLUS I was working 35+ hours per week. Not to mention the fact that I was clinically depressed and hated even leaving my apartment. The fall semester of my 2nd year I did decent; maybe 2.5 gpa but then the spring semester is when my life fell apart around me and I ended up withdrawing from two classes and taking Fs in the other two classes I had (I thought I had withdrawn from those two also, but apparently I didn't because I have two big fat Fs staring at me on my transcript). I was out of school for 3.5, almost 4 years, settled down, met the man of my dreams, and got married. Now, I'm in a stable environment, very happy, and in a MUCH better place. I have done plenty of soul searching and praying and have decided I want... no, NEED... to be a nurse. My current cumulative GPA is only 2.27... I know, completely horrible. This coming fall 2011 semester I have enrolled to re-take Human Anatomy (I only got a C first time around) and Chemistry and I'm trying to take two more classes but for some reason the registration thing is acting goofy. My school has a D/F repeat rule where if you get a D or an F during the first 60 hours of your college career, you can re-take that class and they will drop that bad grade from your GPA. I was trying to re-take those two classes I got Fs in, BUT they were through Marshall's community college and now the CC has broken away from Marshall and so they are two separate entities now and not affiliated at all... meaning those two classes are not offered at Marshall anymore so I cannot retake them. UGH! I wish I could contact someone but nobody is returning my e-mails regarding what other class I could take in its place to get those two Fs removed. What does everyone else's schools do in this situation??? How great would it be if they just took those two Fs off my GPA since I can't re-take them... yeah fat chance right! lol I just have VERY high hopes of getting my GPA raised in time to apply for nursing school in January because I would LOVE to get accepted and start NS in fall of 2012!!!!! Any words of wisdom, advice, or comments?? p.s. sorry this was so long. I tend to be long-winded lol.