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  1. dragonfly55

    Goodbye, fellow nurses

    I hear ya sister! I'm done being a nurse..looking for something completely new..best of luck to you!:)
  2. dragonfly55

    Can you have a life AND do HH?

    This is the way it is..gotta say I'm tired of having my day planned, then office will call and change things, tired o trying to get ahold of clients, tired of fighting traffic, bad drivers and driving 100-150km each shift I work, tired of stinky, filthy houses, tired of barking dogs, tired of being a nurse..change is coming...
  3. dragonfly55

    Can you have a life AND do HH?

    Hi there..after >25yrs as a hospital nurse started HH..it's been over a year now..I thought I was the only one finding it difficult finding a balance between work and home life. I had worked 12hr shifts in the hospital, looked forward to working 2 or 3 and then having some days off. Gotta say as much as I like many aspects of HH, I really am disliking all the extra time spent making phone calls or all the paperwork..never really knowing when I'll finish my day...looking into doing something different...
  4. dragonfly55

    How dare you!

    Good for you - you are so right, no job is worth putting your license on the line.... I wish you well in finding a new job :)
  5. dragonfly55

    New nurse nights are days

    I worked night shift for over 10years when my children were younger. It allowed me to be there in the morning, get them off to school, be there after school for dinner, homework. My husband worked day shift only. It worked great! If you can sleep during the day, and get to the point where you can flip around - stay on the nights.. I found it took a year of doing nights before I got used to it (what to eat, how much sleep, how to flip around to day mode). Remember, the older you get the harder nights will be on your body. You may want to do the nights now... Best of luck to you :)
  6. dragonfly55

    Back to the floor!!!

    It's great you recognized you needed a change.... Not all nurses do, and you can tell who they are.. Best of luck:)
  7. dragonfly55

    I did a stupid, stupid thing...Need Advise!!

    Hi LPN I am so sorry for your losses. It is understandable that you turned to drugs to ease your pain you were feeling. Please don't be too hard on yourself, you have recognized what you have done, taking responsibility and seeking help. Continue with your counselling and support group. If you feel ready to seek employment, I say go for it. I don't know where routine drug screening in nursing is done- never heard of it in Canada.. I would not disclose up front about the exact details of your situation and drug use.. you may want to in the future, you may not want to Explaining your time away from nursing- you could say-you had some personal issues in your life that you were dealing with (that's all that needs saying) You will come through this and be stronger... I wish you all the best
  8. dragonfly55

    Break from nursing?

    hi listen to your "gut" - if you need time away from nursing- take it. No job is worth risking your health from ongoing stress.... you may find something else completely different that you enjoy, or you may end up in a different field of nursing.. I wish you well
  9. dragonfly55

    nursing home vs hospital

    Hi chenq1988 I just wanted to tell you congratulations! and good luck with your job :)
  10. dragonfly55

    Dreaming about work?

    a dream I recall is a little more pleasant than some of yours... All I'll say is - it involved one of the docs I work with (yes, only a dream) :)
  11. dragonfly55

    what is the top rate of pay for an RN in the states?

    thanks everyone, quite an eye oipener!
  12. Hi what is the top rate of pay for an RN in the states? I know it varies depending where you work, but what would be a ballpark figure?
  13. dragonfly55

    Crappy Maternity leave!

    Can I ask where you work now?
  14. dragonfly55

    New RN having hard time finding job!

    hi there I think sending along a well done cover letter will help you get noticed. Send that, your resume and fill out applications everywhere. Put your student experience in your resume... Check out on-line ads Keep trying... be persistent.. keep your chin up...you will get something soon! Good luck :)