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  1. If CA gives you the license, then you are an RN. The employer probably won't take the time to check your school accreditation, they will most likely trust that CA BRN already did that if they approved your license.
  2. Sorry- I know you were probably asking about VA for work During your RN to BSN program, but Idk what to tell you about that except maybe try google maps hospitals near fullerton and apply directly to hospitals you see near enough to the campus. I believe the VA is slightly more strict about credentialing of employees because of their government funding.
  3. Aimmm! I believe you are right that the higher degree will help, once you have your BSN, the accreditation of your other school shouldn't matter. I have a BSN, and I'm not getting hired either, veterans preferance or no. I am also a military spouse, which is why I'm in CA, but I got my degree in another state, and I don't know anyone here. It seems that new grads with the best chances for a job in CA - went to school and did clinicals in CA (networking) Going to Fullerton may be the perfect opportunity for you to do that. Also, the VA is not the only place to work out here :)
  4. I'm a veteran & new grad RN living in the SF Bay Area. I have not been selected for any of the VA positions I have applied to in the last 6 mos. They don't site the reason, so I am left to assume itis due to lack of experience. I have heard southern CA is a little better, but I don't know that for sure. If the VA rep accepting applications has contact information listed, you may want to field your accreditation question to them directly. Best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!