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  1. BurlHarley

    How hard is the new NCLEX 2013 Test Plan

    I know it sounds crazy but i had at least 30 sata(out of 75) really id put it closer to 40 almost every question was a sata no alternate format at all no math just sata after sata i was sure i failed but i am getting the good pop up so we will see def the hardest test ive ever taken im jealous of those that say they got an easy version mine was brutal and im a good test taker graduated at top of class yada yada yada still brutal
  2. BurlHarley

    Did I Contact C. Diff?

    c diffs one of those things that you will know it if you got it, If you are going to stress about what could happen all the time you will drive yourself crazy, just show up, do your best and it will all take care of itself
  3. BurlHarley

    I have to take the ATI fundamentals proctored test

    I think its 80 for level 3, 75 for 2 with benchmark, and 69? for level 2 I took it yesterday as well, it was harder then I was expecting I think the national average is in the low 70s. How did you do?
  4. BurlHarley

    How do you study with a baby?!?

    I have tests every other mon so i just cram all day sunday before the tests while the girls are at church with my aunt, its not the best solution but its been working this far
  5. BurlHarley

    Bullying--The Other "B" Word

    When I read this article it made me think of that line from Rounders "Listen, here's the thing. If you can't spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker."
  6. BurlHarley

    Fall 2011 Victor Valley College RN program Applicants

    well good luck on that test on wed at least it sounds allot easier than that accumulative final was gonna be 246 is fun and fairly easy
  7. BurlHarley

    Nursing shortage? or Nursing bubble?

    I think the problem is that people went into nursing school thinking employers were going to be fighting over them when they graduated. The truth is this economy is tough and the golden days of nurses being a hot commodity are over. You have to compare the job market against other college graduates now not against nursing majors of the past. It may be harder to find a job than ever before but nursing as a whole still offers way more opportunity to find that job than 90 percent of other degrees out there. New grads can feel confident that they will eventually find a job even if it takes a year and a thousand applications. Do you think poli sci, english, or any other liberal arts major feels as confident? My point is it may not be great but heck it could be allot worse.
  8. BurlHarley

    Why does anyone go into nursing?

    there is no other job were you matter as much, a good nurse can make dealing with the worst situation imaginable easier, a bad one can make an easy one miserable
  9. BurlHarley

    A Newbie RN's Greeting, Story and Thanks to AN!

    My mom was a nurse too and I unfortunately know what it is like to lose one, my mom was only forty (AML) I applaud you for being able to finish school you must be a very strong person. What I use to push me when it gets hard is to think the world needs good nurses. Heaven has one now so its up to me to fill that void. I like to think that even though I cant talk to her and she never got to see me succeed shes proud of me and I just know yours is proud of you
  10. BurlHarley

    Fall 2011 Victor Valley College RN program Applicants

    thanks for letting me know i am sure keeping my fingers crossed btw i made some flashcards for wed and they are on flashcardmachine.com my user name is dmorris dont know if they will help but they are all yours if you want them
  11. BurlHarley

    Fall 2011 Victor Valley College RN program Applicants

    Yeah I was there I was the guy with the ridiculous sun burn I dont know when im gonna learn my lesson. Anyways I left not feeling good about getting in with the amount of people there but im just gonna take 246 and hope for the best
  12. BurlHarley

    Fall 2011 Victor Valley College RN program Applicants

    seventh how about you
  13. BurlHarley

    ADN class of 2013

    I have my orientation Monday. Just got my hair cut and I am really excited I cant wait until I can actually call myself a nursing student!
  14. BurlHarley

    Is Victor Valley College nursing a lottery draw???

    so did you apply in march 2011? did you get your start date? I was in the same situation but at least it shortened the wait list so really we would have started the same time either way
  15. If I woke up with nail polish on I would think it was funny. Of course its unprofessional and they probably shouldnt have done it but people are looking for ways to get easy money by suing when a simple conversation probably would have sufficed they wouldn't have done this if they didn't feel like he was part of their work family.