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  1. AlliecatRN11

    What's Your Stress Reliever?

    I've been doing yoga and meditating. Both have really helped me to be calmer in general. Sometimes I feel lazy and don't feel like doing it but afterwards I feel refreshed. When I am a couch potato, I watch some of my favorite movies--always good for an escape. I love baking if I'm up late at night and I want to make something (the only problem being I will definitely eat the cookies myself...)
  2. AlliecatRN11

    Life after nursing school:STUDENT LOANS

    It is frustrating...I know some other new nurses who just keep paying off their loans a little bit every month. If you are feeling nervous about how to pay off for whatever sum of money it is-you could always try to make a spreadsheet to map out how much to pay every payday or month. As long as you keep organized and stay committed (and maybe avoid buying the iPad) you'll be able to pay off the loans eventually. Happy saving!!
  3. AlliecatRN11

    Curious about Hospice Nursing

    Thanks! I will definitely look into volunteering-that's a great idea. Once I get a bit more med/surg experience hopefully I can start branching out :)
  4. AlliecatRN11

    Favorite Dr or Nurse Name

    Dr. McCrackin--back surgeon
  5. AlliecatRN11

    Curious about Hospice Nursing

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and a new graduate. I work on an orthopedic unit but I've had experience in nursing homes and geriatrics. I have always been interested in hospice but am not sure what steps I should/need to take to get there. I know I probably need more experience but I was just curious about how other nurses got into this particular area. Where did all of you start before becoming a hospice nurse--what brought you to this type of nursing? Thanks for your time! :heartbeat
  6. AlliecatRN11

    Night shift sleep schedule

    I work 7p-7a and get home around 8:30. I relax, eat some breakfast and sleep from 9ish to around 4:30pm. On my days off I sleep a lot to catch up on the hours I may have missed during the week. Like anissa said, sometimes it's 18-20 hours. That really helps me get ready for the next time I have to go into work.
  7. AlliecatRN11

    Support Stickie for New nurses who are not coping

    Hey volunteer pioneer-- I know it seems like things will always be this hectic and crazy, but don't worry--it will get better!! I'm reaching the end of my first year, and it is crazy to think of how far I've come (and how far I have to go haha). But that crazy, blurred, overwhelmed feeling you're having right now is totally normal. Just take a deep breath and take one shift at a time. You will make mistakes, have hard schedules and tough patients but all of these experiences will help you grow into a better nurse. After a few months, you will become used to the pattern of the shift and the specifics of the floor. It takes time but it will happen. During a meeting a month into my job for all the new grads, a nurse manager came to talk and introduce herself. At one point she said "you may be wondering at this point why we hired you-because you feel like you're doing everything wrong" I sat there and started nodding because that's exactly how I did feel--then I looked around the room and saw so was everyone else. As for the cliquey staff-it's common in some places but don't let it get to you. Remember you are a new member of the team and it will also (again) take time for everyone to get to know you. And the best advice I got from someone else is to understand that not everyone will like you! I had a tough time with that the first few months because I was taking it personally. Later I found that the nurses who seemed unfriendly warmed up after I proved myself. Best advice on this front: smile a lot, help out when you can, and take time to make friends on the floor. Last but not least, try to relax on your days off. Whatever helps you to chill and be happy--do it. The best part about working is there is no homework (unless you're taking side classes...but it's different than school) Take a deep breath and focus on the present, you can and will get there!! Good Luck!!!
  8. AlliecatRN11

    CPM Placement

    It sounds like you have the right idea, but it's a lot easier with a second person. That way someone can hold the leg for the patient while the other slides the CPM into place. Unless the patient is able to lift the leg up themselves easily, or you are a very strong person I would recommend finding someone to give you a quick hand. Easier on the patient and your back :) Just make sure the heel is in the base and give it a quick test run to see how the patient feels. If they will be using it for a few hours, you may have to go in to readjust...sometimes the machine will shift out of place. Hope this helps!
  9. AlliecatRN11

    Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    When I was working as a tech I had a fresh post op patient who called at 3am to ask Patient: Do I have a catheter? Me: Yes Patient: Oooooohhh Another patient called to ask for a foot massage (err...no thanks). I told him we didn't give foot massages and he, confused replied "Then what is your job?"