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  1. Thanks, I suppose I could move somewhere else then. Eventually I would want to come back home (So Cal) though. Once I have a year of experience is it relatively easier to find a job, or still not much different (in that case how about 2 years?)
  2. Thanks. Will having an MSN be a significant advantage for me, or is this also not a big factor?
  3. Hi, I've read that many new grads are having a tough time finding work. Is this the case for all shifts or just the "standard" ones? I can work any shift including nights and weekends so I'm wondering if this will make the job search easier (or if it doesn't matter, and its tough regardless) Thanks
  4. Mefs

    Finance Degree + MSN?

    The grass is always greener on the other side :) Outside of a top 25 program, $100k is many more than a "few" years away for an MBA grad. My nursing school prereq grades are stellar and my finance grades are average (yes, I was contemplating nursing before which is why I took them) Schooling will cost $10k for the MSN vs $50-120k MBA. And this may sound crazy but I actually want to spend the next 40 years as a nurse and a $20k salary difference (which is more realistic) doesn't change that :)
  5. Mefs

    Finance Degree + MSN?

    Hi all, I'm working towards a finance degree but want to get into the nursing profession. There is a closeby Entry Level Masters (EL-MSN) program that I am considering. I'm just curious if the Finance degree will help at all. (Even if it won't I would certainly be happy as a staff nurse) Thanks!