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  1. Essenceoflove777

    Blind Nursing Student?

    Ops I mean magnifyers
  2. Essenceoflove777

    Blind Nursing Student?

    Well for me I used magnitudes for pulling up syringes meds they clipped onto the syringes.I used talking bp machines, for skin assessments I used magnitudes with lights attached to them gave very detailed views of the skin basically all I used came at a cost of over 5000 out of pocket but so worth it in the end. If anyone is curious go to legal aid.com it will takebyou to some adaptive equipment sites that have catalogs you can order from
  3. Essenceoflove777

    Advice please! Transfer school needed, but what kind??

    You need to be an lpn generally to clep any core
  4. Essenceoflove777

    Blind Nursing Student?

    ok hello everyone I am a legally bllind nurse and yes it is hard to work effectively as one really depends on the chosen field of work.It irritates me when sighted ple assume nothing is possible for us to accomplish in this field of practice. I am now in school going into criminal justice then law school hopefully I will not be discriminated based on what I can not do but be gainfully employed for what I can do. yes common sense is needed in nursing when choosing what you can do as a legally blind person but anything is possible with the right adaptive equipment it is against the law for any employer to refuse you work in nursing without allowing you adaptive equipment or being allowed to use them.I am sooooooooooo tired of defending my rights to work in any field of work due to what I can't do.People who are not in my shoes will never understand and isn't this what we all should have as nurses Empathy ....