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Im a YOUNG nurse to BE.... Lol

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  1. lilady5

    NCLEX PN Review Help!! I keep failing

    Hello how r u?? I was wondering if u took the nclex again lately. Um gettin ready to take mines and im in the same boat as you. I graduated in March 2009 and i took the test twice and i failedn twice. Its very fustrating to know that all of the stuff you learned is not clicking to your brain during the test. The last time i took it i was mostly in a blank stair during the test cause i couldnt figure out certain info. So i know how you feel ive been askin people what they use to study and aot of people said saunders or exam cram. I used sauders last time. So this time im using exam cram its helpful to my knowledge..... LOL. But I wish all the best of luck with your nursing career.
  2. lilady5

    failed nclex-pn 2x- how can i pass it next time?

    Hello. Im in the same boat as you.... I still feel bad... I take the test again real soon and like you im new to this site. I failed my test twice and bothtimes i study so wrong.... I wasnt focus. I just thinking what am i doing wrong... But i have to stop thinking like that. And focus on the one goal PASSING. And i want you to think like that never give up. Im using exam cram I do 200 questions everyday and go over my study guide every day. Its pretty helpful. I wish you all the best of luck. I know i need it... LOL :[anb]:
  3. lilady5

    Exam Cram helped me pass PN NCLEX

    WOW>> congrats. so exam cram is good. This will be my third try for the nclex pn exam. And im so nervous.... im using learning extension its helpful in some ways. But exam cram sounds really good. CONGRATS AGAIN to YOU.....:dncgbby::dancgrp:
  4. lilady5


    Hi, i know exactly how you feel.... TRUST ME... i failed twice.... and i felt so horrible and you dont know what 2 do.... i registered again recently. But i have a tip for you that might make your studying a lot better learningextension.com it different prices for an amount of weeks. Its helping me out alot. I take my test again in a couple of weeks. All the negative around you. You have to ignore it until you take your test again. I wish you best of luck.