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Mo2011 has 15 years experience and specializes in Emergency, ICU.

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  1. Mo2011

    May 2011 NCLEX-RN Overcomers

    Hi all, finally, I have my name on the Board of nursing, from a limited experience i advice you to re-read the basics and then go for practice exams, this will help you understand and rationalize the answers, and for non native english speakers such as myself, you need to read the question twice and choose your answer after reading the 4 choices, Good luck to all
  2. Mo2011

    May 2011 NCLEX-RN Overcomers

    My experience is limited in NCLEX, but i advice you to look for rationale for the wrong answer too, what i used to do when I answer the question I understand the right choice then I look for an explanation for the other wrong three ones. This will enrich you info. also you will learn to prioritize and apply the right technique. Best wishes to all
  3. Mo2011

    NCLEX RN MAY test takers in CALIFORNIA

    Hi, I took My NCLEX May 3, at 8 am and it stopped at 75 Q, I felt I did well but You never know how the result will be, I believe I studdied hard and I did what I have to do, and i made a promise to accept the result whatever it will be, I am still waiting for the result and all I have to do is Pray :) Best of luck to all