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KayRN910 has 1 years experience and specializes in ER.

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  1. KayRN910

    CHOA interview process..

    Yes! You are totally on the right track. It's very heavy on growth and development, and the disorders it does have are almost all pediatric specific! Good luck!!! Which campus did you interview at?!
  2. KayRN910

    CHOA interview process..

    I work at choa! Getting to that step is awesome. The wouldn't test you if they didn't like you. Just make sure u study!! It's not easy (obviously not impossible or crazy difficult, but it's very pediatric specific) good luck and congrats!
  3. KayRN910

    5 things you wish you knew as a new nurse

    I wish I would've realized that even after 3 years, some days I will feel like a terrible nurse, and others I will feel like a great nurse. As I say at work, 'some days you are the bug, some days you are the shoe'. It's so true every time I go to work! I guess I had this delusion that by the time I felt pretty comfortable with my job, I would feel like I was a good nurse most days. I'm just saying, keep your head up! There's good and bad days.
  4. KayRN910

    BRCC Pre-nursing students READ

    I would for SURE not retake classes just because one school wants your money. And I mean, really, isn't that what this is about? Taking your tuition, even though your classes transfer, so you can get in the program? Thats one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. More power to you for wanting to go there, but theres no way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks I would retake classes I made As in and waste my time and money.
  5. KayRN910

    Funny thought about nursing...

    ScottE, nothing to do with the topic?! The whole topic is twisted humor. I think that video fits! :) Cute! I should film my dog when I say "No!". He argues like a child. It's pretty hysterical.
  6. KayRN910

    Ive just about had it. Rant, and I never rant.

    I'm excited to here that. I'm switching jobs to somewhere that uses EPIC and I've been curious to see if I was going to run into ANOTHER terrible charting system. Glad to know its helpful because Meditech for SURE doesn't do any of those things.
  7. KayRN910

    16-Pound Baby Born toTexas Woman

    Another reason not to have kids until you are ready... and I mean REALLY ready to commit to it! :) This kind of make my insides hurt reading about all the big babies.
  8. I'm not sure about actual P&P for my hospital, but I can tell you what we do in my ER... We will access a Mediport if we just have to. Our biggest reason is because of risk for infection - every time you access that Mediport, you are opening your patient up for an infection in the blood. Plus, the blood can clot or the mediport wont draw at all (which happens!) then you've just done it all for nothing. PICC lines, well, that isn't such a big deal. We just scrub really really good with alcohol for at least 15-20 seconds before doing it. You may find this thread helpful... https://allnurses.com/nursing-issues-patient/drawing-blood-picc-30490.html
  9. KayRN910

    Grady Hospital - volunteering??

    Just call and say,"I would love to interview. I'm actually (out of town, had a death in the family, on my way to Mars, whatever the reason is) so the soonest I would be able to is ______" When I scheduled a job interview last, they couldn't even fit me in until a week and a half later. So I'm sure they will be understanding. Good luck!
  10. KayRN910

    Funny thought about nursing...

    I just had a moment that tickled me today, thought some of you might appreciate it. :) I went to see Transformers today after a weekend of H-E-double hockey sticks in the ER. What else is new, right? Anyways, theres a scene where all three of the biggest, baddest robots are all fighting each other to be the leader, and the humans are all around shooting guns bombs are exploding, and its just a mass chaos all around. ..and I thought,"Hm, that's kind of like working as a nurse in the ER this past weekend..." Maybe some of you can relate to my seriously twisted humor. It's just how I cope instead of cry! hahahah.
  11. KayRN910

    Ive just about had it. Rant, and I never rant.

    Unfortunately, this is the main reason why so many of the nurses (incuding myself) in my ER are leaving.... We went from T System to Meditech, and it is a disaster. We are a cardiac hospital, and see a seriously high acuity to not be a trauma center. At one point on Friday, I looked up at our Tracker (huge plasma TV in the nurses station) and EVERY PATIENT in the ER was an acuity 1, 2, or 3. All of the patients in all 25 of our rooms, and all 10 or so patients in the waiting room. The problem is, Meditech has you repeat SO much information, doesn't ask important assessment questions, and it takes forever to nagivate through. We are all charting assessments on patients we have barely seen before they get admitted. It's just honestly dangerous, esp since I dont have the experience to fake ANYTHING. Because we are so slow, we get backed up, but we have sick people in the waiting room, too! So, Friday, as I'm triage, when I have ONE room open, do I put this 17 year old possible appy who is crying in pain, this chest pain with a BP of 195/98, or this belly pain that's vomiting all in the waiting room, back? I really feel like they all need to be back. But who knows when another room will come open. Those days are so frustrating. Ugh. All because of the SYSTEM!
  12. I went through this EXACT SAME THING a few weeks ago. THE SAME STORY! I interviewed on a Monday, they said they were finishing up interviews that week (actually heard them make a reference to the fact they had one scheduled for Friday), so I waiting till the next Monday... and Tuesday... and Wednesday.... nothing.... nothing.... I did follow up with the Nurse Recruiter that Thursday, and she said they still hadn't picked anybody yet... but I pretty much thought I didn't get it. Till the NEXT Tuesday (two weeks after I interviewed), they called and offered the job. Dont get discouraged!!! Maybe the same will happen for you!!! It was my dream job, too!!! :)
  13. KayRN910

    How much experience makes a good instructor?

    I'm in Georgia. Whooohoo, the peach state! :)
  14. KayRN910

    How much experience makes a good instructor?

    I would really just be straight up embarrassed to go into an interview to be a professor with my experience! I mean, that, to me, feels like they would just look and laugh! But, I do know that teaching is why they became a nurse. Not to do bedside. But I think nursing, of ALL majors, requires at least 5 years of actual experience to be a good instructor.
  15. KayRN910

    General questions...lots!

    1 - thats a good question for an advisor. I dont know exactly which classes transfer from communications to nursing - or from U of Phen. But as a general rule of thumb, fresh out of high school, it takes about 4 or 5 years. If your core classes transfer, then you'll basically have your bio classes (AP1, AP2, Micro) with a few others depending on the school, so you may be able to get into a program after a year of core. 2 - pay is VASTLY different depending on where you live. I'm leaving a rural hospital where I started making $18.54/hr to a hospital in a big city that's 60 miles south making $25/hr base pay. So it just depends on where you are. 3 - the exam has a minimum of 75 questions, but it can be 265 (or something like that) depending on how you are scoring. You pick your date, but usually it's about a month after graduation. 4- search on here "License by endorsement" and you'll get some good answers. :) Hope this helps!
  16. KayRN910

    General questions...lots!

    If you have any of the more general questions, posting them on here would be a really great way to get a lot of good answers.... :)

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