Ben Longstroth

Ben Longstroth ADN, MSN, RN

Nurse Administrator, Educator

Without mistakes, there is no education or innovation.

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Ben Longstroth has 10 years experience as a ADN, MSN, RN and specializes in Nurse Administrator, Educator.

Since passing the NCLEX in January 2011, I continue to have a diverse and exciting career in nursing.  I have earned my MS in Nursing Leadership, MBA in Healthcare Administration, and will be starting working as a nurse educator, focusing on inpatient behavioral health in November of 2020.  

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  1. Ben Longstroth

    Advocating for Nurse Leaders on Task Force

    FYI if you want to join us in starting “good trouble”. Please sign the petition at
  2. Ben Longstroth

    Advocating for Nurse Leaders on Task Force

    With the recent announcement of the Pandemic Task Force, I noticed that there was no nursing representation. This seems like an oversight to not have nurses represented in the national response. We know if our profession is involved that outcomes w...
  3. Ben Longstroth

    Penn Valley RN Program

    I graduated from Penn Valley. My understanding was if you had over 6 points and passed the TEAS you were in, that is what happened to me. The program can seem unorganized at times, I think due too the recent up tick in growth. But, I am very happy ...
  4. Ben Longstroth

    concorde kansas city mo nursing program help

    Make sure any school you go too is Regionally Accredited and accredited in nursing by the CCNE or the NLN. I had a friend go to Concorde for RT and they are having difficulty transferring credits to get a Bachelors. I chose Penn Valley because of t...
  5. Ben Longstroth

    Losing Hope now that i cant find a job

    I am not sure where your at now, but get a job in the field. Nurse tech, psych tech, something where you will be networking with managers who hire. Out of my class, most of us who were working in the field were able to land a job with our current e...