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  1. micker14

    "Capped Care" in the ICU

    Thanks for all the responses! In our unit capped care is just after we talk to the family and we let them know that its a poor prognonsis and we are not adding to the current treatments in place. I was just wondering if anyone had a standardized order form to keep all team members on the same page. I love the butterfly on the monitor idea! That is great. I may suggest that for our ICU. So many great suggestions! Thanks All!
  2. Does anyone use a worksheet to establish a reference point of what care is to be continued or withdrawn after a patient has been made a DNR and a family meeting has taken place to establish goals of care? We have made patients DNR and "capped care" and once that "capped care" label is in place certain aspects of patient care become inconsistent. Does anyone use a worksheet of establish care in regards to labs, cxr, abx, etc? I feel like sometimes these patients become like the red-headed step child of the unit and I am looking for a better way to collaborate care. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  3. micker14

    Transfusion too fast?

    Does your unit have a policy in place for the Level One infuser? i need to come up with a policy for my unit and wanted to see what other hospitals have in place.
  4. micker14

    Level 1 infuser IV access

    We are going to start using a Level One infuser on my unit and I need to come up with the policy/procedures for it. If anyone could send me their policy for Level One infuser use in their unit that would be great!!!!! Kristine
  5. micker14

    "Capped Care" in the ICU

    Hello All, I work in an oncology ICU/SICU. I am wondering how other units handle "capped care". I am finding that after a familiy meeting where a DNR is obtained and "capping" care is discussed there seems to be confusion from shift to shift or day to day amongst staff as to what we are actually continuing to do or not do. Is anyone using a standardized policy to help keep everyone on the same page? I thinking of just using a worksheet or something that will be filled out once the "capped care" discussion takes place so there is always a point of reference. Does anyone have any experience with this?? Please respond! I need to present this to my nurse leader! Best Regards, Kristine