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  1. NatashaCNA85

    Brevard County nurses

    Hey everyone! So I just logged in after many many years. I am now a PTA, but I am thinking of going back to school for nursing. I'm wondering if the area here is overly saturated with nurses already though like it is with COTAs and PTAs. Therapy has gotten hit so hard with the start of PDPM and now COVID, I haven't worked in 3 weeks. I really need more stability with my career. I see so many nursing job in my search so it has me thinking there's a real need here, am I right on thinking that? Thank you for you input and please don't hesitate to give me any advice on local programs.
  2. NatashaCNA85

    Lutheran School of Nursing

    Amy- How selective is LSN as to who they choose to attend?
  3. NatashaCNA85

    Anyone familiar with the SLE and GAIN admissions tests?

    What is it on the SLE that is giving you so much trouble?
  4. NatashaCNA85

    New nursing school?

    I remember a few years ago, someone was telling me that St John's was building a nursing school right there at the hospital. Has anyone else heard of this?
  5. NatashaCNA85

    Is nursing for me?

    Try home health. It's not nearly as fast pased as most other nursing settings. In home health, you can relax and the patient is much more relaxed and comfortable too. It's not all RUSH RUSH RUSH like hospitals and nursing homes.
  6. I took the TEAS test through this one particular career school in the STL area. I just barely failed the TEAS so I was planning on taking it again but I just checked the school's website and it says that instead of the TEAS it is now the SLE (scholastic level exam) and the GAIN (general assessment of instructional needs). Has anyone here taken either one of these tests? I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into. Thanks!
  7. ]I am wanting to hear from people who are at the school or have been there. ]Against my better judgment, I am considering attending their LPN program. I know all the cons of these for profit schools. I am considering them because my family and I are planning on moving back to Florida in the next 3 years. I want to be done with school by then. The other LPN programs that I have looked into (Four Rivers, Applied Tech, Jeffco, SCCC) are very competitive and would take me quite a while to get all of my ducks in a row. At STL CHC, you just take a quick test and you're pretty much in from what I understand. I checked out their passing rate. It's decent at 80something%. I'm not overly worried about the fact that the credits wont transfer. And yes I have already read the article that the RFT ran like 4 years ago or something which was about the city campus. ]So tell me what you know. Give me any info you have, please!
  8. NatashaCNA85

    NOT understanding what I am reading

    I had taken the TEAS before taking any pre-reqs because this particular school uses the TEAS as an entrance exam before getting in to do anything..and I haven't taken any college courses anywhere else. So yea, I was just thrown into it so to speak. Thank you all for your responses! Little chance of plan though..I got an e-mail today from the school saying that I can not take the TEAS again until October. So I signed up today at my local community college and will be studying for OTA or PTA. That's what I REALLY want to do. I think this is a better idea since I will be able to take remedial classes if needed and I can take the pre-reqs nice and slow:)
  9. NatashaCNA85

    NOT understanding what I am reading

    I'm wondering if anyone else is/has been in my situation what what you're doing/have done... I have never done well in school with science and math. I am 26 years old, been out of school now for 10 years and I really am having a hard time. I'm starting to think maybe college just won't be good for me. I have taken the TEAS once a few weeks ago. I failed 2 parts according to this particular school. One of which was reading (I was pretty shocked but their points needed for that are high) the other was science which I knew I was going to fail that. I have been studying like crazy because I am trying again on the 20th of this month. My problem is, is that I am not understanding what I am reading and I'm only studying for the entrance exam! So, I am freaking out with worry that IF I was to actually get into college, that I would simply be too dumb. I'm not slow or have any disabilities but things don't just "come to me". I have 2 kids (9 and 2) and I am married so my attention would be in many places. I dont NEED to go to school but I do really want to. I love the medical field and would like to make more money and have more responsibilities at work than just my CNA job. Anyways, I guess I'm on here looking for some advise. I know people always say "don't give up..." and all that which as of right now I'm not but I'm starting to think I'm not cut out for school.
  10. NatashaCNA85

    ITT Tech's new nursing program St. Louis

    How much is it?
  11. I know I know..there's so many of these! But I just have to ask my specific question.:) I am originally from Brevard County FL. We live in Missouri now. Been here for 6 years. Anyways, I am just now starting the process of admissions at my first LPN school. They pick in September. If I get in, I'll be an LPN in about a year. A year after that my husband and I plan on moving back to Florida to be closer to our family. He travels about half the time for work so he suggested living somewhere closer to Orlando (airport) than our favorite place which is Veira. My question is..what is the best surrounding town/city in or around Orlando? Take the schools into consideration number one. I only have experience with the brevard school system so I have no idea about Orlando. Also, how is the job market for LPNs? I know it won't be as in demand as RN but as of right now, I want to be an LPN first than do a bridge after a couple years. Really though...i just want to move back home already!!! I want to get through school first though. If you know of anywhere with GREAT schools maybe not so much near Orlando, tell me about it. Thanks!
  12. NatashaCNA85

    Years of CNA experience helpful?

    I believe it's in the middle.
  13. NatashaCNA85

    Years of CNA experience helpful?

    Is it helpful to have some years of experience as a CNA to get accepted into an LPN program? I am starting the process of admissions for a local LPN school. I so nervous that I won't be accepted. I will really be crushed! I am hoping my 8 years as a CNA will give me some what of an edge next to someone with no experience, know what I mean? So what have you found in your experience?
  14. NatashaCNA85

    shift report, CNA/pt ratio

    I have worked at many nursing homes/skilled nursing facilities/rehabs. I have found that normally nurses give to nurses and CNAs give to CNAs. As far as CNAs go though, I have never seen it really enforced. Besides charting, I have never seen any type of formal list of items. Just all in the head and on the charts. The nicest places I have worked at had an all staff report go on. Ratio is anywhere between 6-10.
  15. I just purchased the study guide and practice test for TEAS 4 online. I only have 3 weeks to study and I am HORRIBLE at math so I am freaking out a little. I took the practice test (just reading and math so far) and it is far easier than I anticipated! I am really hoping that the practice test is comparable to the real test as far as context. Can anyone give me any insight?
  16. NatashaCNA85

    How to become L&D RN?

    Wonderful advise. Thank you!

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