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  1. Citric

    Thanks ☺ blue eyes! Would you like Kindly share about the knowledge to me ?? Thanks!! Because in our company, never use Citric for dialysis, we only use it for CRRT
  2. Dialysis practice question

    Should be B
  3. Citric

    Could someone please give me the details about how to administer citric as an anticoagulant for dialysis treatment?
  4. Oxygen flow

    Hi I have encountered a case with possible chronic lung edema, any suggestions about how many flow should be delivered to patient who with fast breathing around 30-40
  5. Who has fresenium 5008 machines operator manual

    Yes , you are right , they have it í ½í¸í ½í¸
  6. Hi Dear all , I am just start to use fresenium 5008 machines , some situations I couldn't cope when machine has trouble , may I have your kindly help if someone may have the manual of fresenium 5008 machine Thank you so much
  7. THe key point is when is the hemodynamics stable time ,pre dialysis or post dialysis , usually post dx already removed the extra fluid and k, pre dx patient loaded with extra and k
  8. Hi ,dear fellows , I am working in a dialysis center , our company clinical setting require to do yearly ECG and 2yearly X-RAY for all the dialysis I patient , most time we do ECG for patient is pre dialysis, and I was told not allow to do ECG for ...
  9. Thank you , Rose-queen . Is ordered by our physician to give 30iu /kg , which is 0.5 ml , even though, I still feel unsafe í ½í¸¨í ½í¸¨,, I am so scary if there is complication cause by anticoagulant
  10. Hi May I sincerely seek your help , If patient underwent radiofrequency Catheter ablation due to AVNRT ,after surgery 5 days , should be given anticoagulant for his dialysis ? Thank you !
  11. Permcatheter dislodge ??

    Than you Trauma
  12. Venous pressure high and blood turn to dark

    Patient doesn't has history of hyper coagulation ,but during HD,venous pressure always on the high side 180- 210
  13. Venous pressure high and blood turn to dark

    Sorry,it happened 45 mins into dialysis , and the patient has BCAVF , she is on 50 iu / kg fragmin 1.9 ml
  14. Hi guys : we have a situation when started patient on hemodialysis via Braun machine , venous pressure gradually went up to 200-260mmhg , and the blood turned to dark , we just did access flow for patient recently ,950ml/ min, and machine just giving...
  15. Thank you very much ,Malgos and Verdeacres !!, the case I confused whether she is fluid overloaded or lung problem , was diagnosed asthma [emoji422]️