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  1. jordanmarie

    Becker College

    Thanks Tonya for taking the time to look into that for me. I really appreciate it!!!! I'm not sure if I'll be going full-time because it seemed like I took a lot of the classes in the curriculum. I'm sending in my deposit tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have preference of class and maybe I will be able to choose the professors you recommended! Thanks again for your help!:) - Jordan
  2. jordanmarie

    Becker College

    Hi Tonya where do they do there clinicals? and do the classes fill fast? i still have to send my deposit but, i wasn't sure how much time i have.
  3. jordanmarie

    Becker College

    I was planning on attending Becker in the fall, has anyone attended or know anyone who has?
  4. jordanmarie

    hospital jobs

    Can you get a job in a hospital if you have a B.S. and an ASN?
  5. jordanmarie

    Already have a B.S.

    I already have a B.S. psychology but, now I want to pursue a degree in nursing. Does it make sense to try to get into an ABSN program or would a ASN program be sufficient? thanks!