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  1. vicjr328

    County College of Morris (CCM)

    Hi all, This goes out to any current nursing students attending CCM. I am a pre-nursing student that transferred from PCCC and now applied to CCM. My only concern is the Evening program hours. You see, I'm of a certain age and work full time during the day (family, etc.). I am in the IT industry, but have always wanted to be a nurse. I want to change careers. Besides Nursing being competitive and challenging, approximately what are the class and clinical hours. Do classes/clinicals begin at 4PM or 5PM. Earlier? I just need to plan ahead to succeed and make arrangements at work if clinicals for the evening class start earlier than 4:30pm. Any advise or syllabus would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. vicjr328

    LPN to RN at Eastwick College

    I took the TEAS test!!!
  3. vicjr328

    LPN to RN at Eastwick College

    Awesome... Thanks for the input. Please keep me posted as you go through your experience. Greatly appreciate it. Also, if your friend can post some feedback, advise, comments that would be awesome. Thanks again!!!
  4. vicjr328

    LPN to RN at Eastwick College

    Hello Everyone, I had a few questions regarding Eastwick College located in Ramsey, NJ. I am a current LPN student, interested in ANY feedback from anyone who is a RN student or has completed the RN program at Eastwick. The 1st RN graduating class was in 01/11 and I really would like to hear your experience. Academically and/or clinically. So far, I love the school, but being that the RN program is fairly new, I would like to get some feedback, advice, comments, what to prepare for, etc, etc. Thanks so much!!!!:)